China's Xiamen Airlines starts Davao flights
  • venynxvenynx November 2018

    China's Xiamen Airlines starts Davao flights DAVAO CITY

    - Xiamen Airlines flew 80 passengers to the Francisco Bangoy Airport
    here on Wednesday, adding to international direct flights to this
    southern gateway.

    A water canon salute greeted the jet upon landing while a Muslim dance performance welcomed the passengers at the arrival area.real time flight tracking
    The Xiamen Air flight is expected to boost tourism in President Rodrigo
    Duterte's hometown. China is the city's fourth largest market for
    tourists. "This is something that signifies the interest, bridge the gap
    of cultural differences, but more importantly to attest the potential
    of Davao City," said tourism officer Eden David.

    The carrier will
    again fly the Xiamen-Davao flight on October 5. Francisco Bangoy
    Airport also gets direct flights from Singapore.MANILA – A magnitude 6.5
    earthquake struck off Davao Oriental early morning on Saturday, the
    Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said.

    quake's epicenter was located 41 kilometers southeast of Mati, Davao
    Oriental. The quake struck at 6:53 a.m.It was felt as an Intensity V
    earthquake in Mati and Davao City, while it was felt as an Intensity IV
    earthquake in General Santos City; Alabel, Glan and Mapalatan towns in
    Sarangani; and Polomok, South Cotabato. The town of Tupi in South
    Cotabato and Cagayan de Oro City felt it as an Intensity III earthquake.
    According to a bulletin issued by Phivolcs, the quake is not expected
    to cause serious damage to properties. However, aftershocks are

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