Best Time to Fly to Taipei
  • venynxvenynx November 2018
    The best time to visit Taipei is between October and January, when
    temperatures are comfortably cool. Taipei experiences a rainy season
    from April to October, with an occasional typhoon occurring during the
    summer months. Most of the city's attractions are closed during the
    Chinese New Year celebrations, which usually take place in late January
    or early February; you'll want to avoid booking a flight at this time if
    sightseeing is the main goal of your trip.Phnom Penh to Shanghai flights

    are hundreds of airlines offering direct and connecting flights to
    Taipei, including Air Canada, China Airlines, Delta Airlines, and KLM.
    For more information about airlines that fly to Taipei, click here.

    Taipei's fisherman's wharf, is a must-see for every visitor to Taiwan.
    The boardwalk runs alongside the Danshui River -- once known as the
    "Eastern Venice" -- and offers local markets, food concessions, and
    water sports facilities. Another good place to start your trip is in
    Sonshan district, where tourists come to take in a concert at Taipei
    Arena, stroll through the night market on Raohe Street, or shop for a
    deal at Wufenpu. Other top attractions in the city include the hot
    springs in northern Taipei's Beitou district and the National Palace
    Museum, which houses the world's most extensive collection of Chinese
    artifacts. Don't forget to book your accommodation before arriving in
    the city. Click here to search our deals for hotels in Taipei.

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