Using Sacred Geometry in Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing
  • v_anuchenkovv_anuchenkov November 2018
    The usage of Sacred Geometry in Tibetan bowl sound healing can greatly improve the effectiveness of the treatments. Sacred Geometry is definitely an ancient science that shows how a energy patterns of Creation itself organizes itself in every natural pattern of life and growth through geometric shapes. These geometric patterns or codes called the blueprint of Creation, are intimately interconnected with our consciousness in the deeply spiritual level. They can be seen everyday within our environment in ice crystals, snow flakes , DNA, pine cones, flower petals and all life forms. Working with these codes awakens in us the opportunity to re-discover the intrinsic balance, perfection and harmony of every situation and our non-dualistic link to the Universe.


    When patterns of sacred geometry are employed in bowl layouts it is crucial to be aware what energies each pattern awakens or even experience them as an extension of self. There's a vast improvement in effectiveness between being fully engaged using the pattern you employ vs superimposing patterns onto the bowls with too little understanding. On the next few issues I am going to discuss several patterns of sacred geometry, their attributes in addition to how you can understand and make use of these patterns within sessions. The first phase of understanding sacred geometry is always to develop a romantic dialog by using it in yourself in order to fully awaken to its transformative power before you decide to work with clients. Patterns include the pyramid, pentagon, six pointed star, spiral and much more.

    In years past, when I did a great deal of dance, and before knowing anything about sacred geometry, I recall using a special affinity using the movement and form of the Figure 8. I might use my arms, hips and torso to create flowing figure 8 patterns and feel a fantastic a feeling of expansiveness and inner peace. Now I realize why.

    Here are some ways of dealing with and integrating sacred geometry into your life:

    1 Stare upon the patterns

    2 Hunt for and find out the patterns in objects, nature, art etc. Notice exactly what the quality of the pattern is and it's influence on the planet.

    3 Draw the pattern repeatedly as you notice it's energy inside you.

    4.Create patterns with bowls on the floor and walk them, play them, and permit them to become extra time of self.

    5 Meditate around the forms

    There are plenty of elements that come into play with espirales.

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