Party Catering - How to Make Sure Your Party Food Complements a Bang!
  • veniaminnorthzykinveniaminnorthzykin November 2018
    You've sent out the invites, you've ordered the champagne, and now to the food! Party food needs to be that little bit special, delicious (of course) but fun and fabulous enough to obtain people talking too.

    If you can make your food about sharing, then your party is already in the swing of things! Dishes with dips and skewers are perfect and encourage people to graze and congregate across the food. Tasting plates are a fantastic idea too - plenty of little portions of various things for individuals to try (similar to tapas). And bowls dotted all around the house or venue can encourage people to move around and socialise while they eat.

    Give some thought to the way you present the laundry your party - served in glinting enamelled bowls, or pearlescent glass and china, the most straightforward food look breathtaking. Consider utilising unusual vessels too - try shot glasses for soups or sorbets, or naturally grained wooden platters for cold meats and cheeses. Stylish caterers such as "rhubarb" food design or Alison Price use bespoke designed pieces for example carousels or perspex trays, but any clever idea can strike the right party note - little desserts in espresso cups? Or champagne cocktails served from sprigged china teapots?


    If the meals are bright and delightful needless to say, it hardly needs any presenting. Colour is vital - think big bowls of jewel coloured panzanella, towers of rainbow coloured cupcakes, or glistening pink lamb with luscious yellow cous cous.

    Cooking facing your invited guests a very good idea for maximum wow factor. If you work with caterers, for cocktail party catering inquire further if they'd like to supply a noodle bar or perhaps a sushi bar - your guests will like to view the chefs at the office making use of their woks and sushi mats.

    Another very easy way to feed people (and therefore a method to provide you with additional time to party!) is really a hog or lamb roast. It is a great value way of feeding large numbers of people and you hardly need plates either - just fresh bread rolls and many apple sauce or mustard. A plain and simple barbeque attracts attention- put rosemary and scented hickory chips around the coals to produce delicious smokey scents that will get the tasty.

    Desserts are really easy to wow with - homemade ice cream piled high into knickerbockerglories, pastries stacked on vintage cake stands, or simple bowls of chocolate mousses and luscious berries - everyone's favourites.

    Constructing your own personal puddings is a superb trend for 2018 - provide shot portions of jelly, fruit and creme anglaise, with cream and sherry syrup to pour, and you will have your friends and relatives making their very own tailored trifle!

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