Hair Extensions: Where Will the Hair Come From?
  • rodionbaklushinrodionbaklushin December 2018
    You see them everywhere; they allow celebrities to visit from short hair to greater lengths immediately. Some look awful while some blend so well that no one would ever suspect; but ever wondered in which the hair used in extensions originates from? Can it be from human sources? What type of process can it go through before it is attached as an extension? This article will address some of these questions and gives a couple of other insights into the realm of the hair extension industry that may interest the typical, information seeking, consumer.


    First, we should establish that there are a lot of companies that send buyers out to acquire hair for extensions and, without sounding biased to at least one brand or the other, I will just say this... not every hair extensions are created equal, so, caution!

    You will find three basic categories of hair that is used for hair extensions.

    • Synthetic image - Hair made from synthetic fibers which are less inclined to tangle along with your natural hair but is extremely vunerable to melting because of heat from hot dryers and irons.

    • Animal - Specifically, the animal hair that's widely used for extensions comes from the under-belly of the Yak. It's claimed this form of hair, due to its texture and appearance, gets the the best option structure for use like a match for chemically relaxed and treated African-Ethnic hair. One major drawback is the fact that following that are the type that will experience or develop allergy symptoms to the Yak hair.

    • Human - This hair will come from your number of geographical regions. Anything of caution: There are companies that will claim that the merchandise you will get comes from an individual source but on end, it may be shown to contain animal hair or synthetic fibers, as well. The reason why this really is allowed to occur is a result of the technicality when an accumulation of hair joined to create an extension cord strand contains a minumum of one human strand in the mix, by legal standards it could be marketed as human. So, when searching for where your unique extensions result from, ensure that you're guaranteed that what you really are buying is 100% real human hair.

    Since we've categorized exactly what the basic types of Haarverlängerung Neu Ulm are made of, we can look just a little further into how the real hair, used in hair extensions, is collected.

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