Global water treatment chemicals market to reach $31 billion in 2018
  • venynxvenynx December 2018

    The global demand for water treatment chemicals is forecast to rise nearly 6% per annum, reaching almost $31 billion (Dequest 2000) in 2017.

    This is according to the new World Water Treatment Chemicals Market report. Rising water quality standards in manufacturing and industrial applications, expanded access to safe drinking water and a shift toward higher value chemicals will drive demand.

    Undeveloped countries to drive demand

    The report predicts that advances will be fastest in developing countries, where the use of water treatment chemicals has historically been low compared to use rates in more affluent regions. This is because of economic growth and tightening environmental regulations.

    New wastewater quality requirements in developing areas will promote the use of chemicals to treat wastewater. Increased investments in municipal water infrastructure in efforts to modernise water treatment facilitiesis also expected to boost demand.

    A more moderate demand for developed regions

    In developed regions the growth in demand for water treatment chemicals is expected to be more moderate while the shift in product mix will be more complex.

    Higher industrial water quality standards and environmental regulations worldwide will support demand for water treatment equipment which, in some cases, can replace certain chemicals. However, because this equipment cannot fully replace the use of water treatment chemicals, developed areas are turning to lower-dose, higher cost specialty chemicals.

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