China: Tropical Storm Ampil cancels hundreds of flights in Shanghai July 22 /update 1
  • venynxvenynx December 2018
    Tropical Storm Ampil has canceled hundreds of flights at Shanghai
    area-airports on Sunday, July 22, as the storm takes aim to make
    landfall between Shanghai and Taizhou on Sunday morning (local time).
    Some 300 flights are anticipated to be canceled at Shanghai Pudong
    International Airport (PVG) on Sunday due to the storm; another 160
    flights are expected to be canceled at Shanghai Hongqiao International
    Airport (SHA) on Sunday.spring airlines check in

    Ampil is forecast to particularly affect coastal areas from
    Xiangshan county (Zhejiang province) to Qidong (Jiangsu province) on
    Sunday. Heavy rainfall of 10-18 cm (4-7 in) is forecast in Shanghai,
    Zhejiang province, Jiangsu province, and Anhui province, with locally
    higher totals expected, in the coming hours. High winds of 80-100 km/h
    (50-62 mph) are also forecast in the Shanghai area on Sunday. Consequent
    flooding (including due to storm surge), landslides, and wind damages
    may result in further widespread transportation disruptions (including
    flight delays and cancelations) and power outages.

    As Ampil continues to track inland in the coming days, the storm is
    forecast to bring heavy rains (around 7.5-15 cm [3-6 in">) and
    possible flooding to northern Anhui province, Henan province, and
    western Shandong province. Consequent landslides, transportation
    disruptions, and power outages are possible in these and other areas to
    be potentially affected by the storm.


    Tropical Storm Ampil struck Okinawa (Japan) on July 21, forcing the
    cancelations of over 100 flights, affecting some 15,000 passengers. No
    casualties or significant material damages were immediately reported.

    Typhoons and tropical storms regularly hit China and Japan from June
    through November after gathering strength in the warm waters of the
    Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea.


    Individuals traveling to, from, or via the abovementioned areas are
    advised to verify the status of their flight prior to departure for the
    airport and to contact their airline for more information. Those present
    in the affected areas are advised to monitor developments to the
    situation and to follow all instructions as issued by local authorities.
    Remember that driving or walking through running water can be
    dangerous; 15 cm (6 in) of running water is enough to knock over an

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