An inconvenient flight; Alaskans push for non-stop air service to China from the last frontier
  • venynxvenynx December 2018

    A non-stop flight from Anchorage to Beijing will take you about 7 1/2 hours. At this point, however, that commercial flight doesn’t exist. Instead, it can sometimes take twice as long to make the trip from Alaska.上海から東京
    Currently, the fastest route for Chinese tourists who want to visit Alaska is to fly to Seattle, and then take a flight flying right back over the same flight path.

    Due to that fact, the act of getting to China itself was a focus of the recent trade mission to the country.

    KTUU joined Gov. Bill Walker on the trade mission to China. On the flight to Beijing from Anchorage, the first leg was down to Seattle, and then a turnaround flight directly back over Alaska, adding an additional seven or more hours of flight time.

    Throughout the roughly 10-day trade mission, Gov. Walker constantly addressed the issue of direct air service to and from Alaska.

    “Non-stop flights, direct flights,” said Walker in Chengdu. “If you say something enough times, eventually, it becomes reality. I think we’re close to reality because we’ve been saying it since we landed.”
    Although each delegate joining the governor in China was there for a reason, nearly everyone got behind the idea of a non-stop service to increase Chinese tourism and convenience.

    “Any time you can reduce a barrier to travel, it makes a big difference for our ability to market to new markets,” said Julie Saupe, with Visit Anchorage. “So for China, to get direct air service, cutting anywhere from 6-to-12 hours off of somebody’s flight time, would be an amazing accomplishment.”

    “That 7 1/2 hour flight would be fantastic to open this up to many more people, and Alaska to many more visitors,” said Larry Cash, CEO of RIM Architects, while touring the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu.

    Chinese airline officials say in order for a non-stop flight between Alaska and China to become a reality, factors like market demand, government support and whether or not it’s a seasonal destination must be considered.

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