Direct Manchester-Beijing Flights Are Boosting the U.K.’s Northern Economy
  • venynxvenynx December 2018

    The economy in England’s North is reaping the benefits of closer ties with China, two years after a direct flight first connected Manchester to Beijing.

    Growth in trade and tourism is outstripping the U.K. average, according to a study by the consulting firm Steer. Chinese visitors to the North grew 38 percent since 2016, compared with 30 percent across the country, Manchester Airport said in a statement about the findings.札幌から東京航空券

    Visitors also began spending more. President Xi announced the Manchester-Beijing route during his state visit to the U.K. in October 2015 and Hainan Airlines began the service in June 2016. In those two years, the average spending per visit in the North West increased by 94 percent to over 2,000 pounds ($2,613), exceeding the national figure.

    “We’ve really seen the success of the first route to China from Manchester Airport, so we hope to see more being added in the future,” Mayor Andy Burnham said in the statement. The study shows that “good connectivity is not just about getting people and products from A to B, but the wider impacts that they have on so many aspects of peoples’ lives at both ends of the route.”

    But the carrier made clear today that decisions about what markets to fly to from Chicago will no longer be based on trying to gain market share, but rather on where the carrier can operate most profitably. That game plan differs from arch-rival United Airlines’ strategy. United has been adding new routes in the hopes it could gain market share over rivals.

    AA also said Wednesday it will add seasonal service from Chicago to Honolulu, beginning Dec. 19, that will run through the annual spring break season.

    AA also is adding Saturday-only service during the winter from Chicago to several Caribbean destinations, including Aruba, Grand Cayman, Nassau, and Turks & Caicos. And AA is adding more capacity on the popular Chicago-Cancun route, moving to two flights on Boeing 787 widebody Dreamliners from three flights a day on smaller Boeing 737 aircraft.

    On the domestic front, AA expects to see the busiest summer in some time in Chicago. Franco Tedeschi, who heads up AA’s operations at O’Hare, said in a memo to AA’s Chicago-based employees this morning that “this summer American will operate more seats out of Chicago than at any time in the last 10 years.” Tedeschi said that on a peak day in July the carrier will have 513 departures out of O’Hare.

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