ArenaNet Providing Away a Custom-Wrapped Volkswagen Beetle to Celebrate Guild Wars 2 Event
  • sheliasmithsonsheliasmithson December 2018

    In celebration of Roller Beetle Racing, ArenaNet might be giving away a "custom-wrapped roller beetle 'Type RBR' auto as a grand prize". All that's required is for fans to opt-in to email communication and enter a single roller beetle match in Guild Wars 2 any time in between now and December 24th. Every single week, players taking element in Roller Beetle Racing will earn an added entry for both the car along with other prizes which can be becoming offered away that contain Razer and Alienware products and a vacation.

    Additionally, ArenaNet is launching a month-long sweepstakes for players who partake in Roller Beetle Racing, featuring a custom-wrapped roller beetle "Type RBR" automobile as a grand prize. Each and every week, joining a race automatically enters the player into a drawing for excellent weekly prizes as well because the grand prize as soon as the sweepstakes concludes. Weekly prizes involve a comprehensive Razer PC package, which includes a Razer BlackWidow Elite keyboard, Kraken Tournament Edition headset, Naga Trinity mouse and Goliathus Extended Chroma mouse mat; an Alienware Aurora PC and monitor; a holiday to San Diego featuring a sand dune buggy excursion; in addition to a household theater entertainment technique.

    Roller Beetle Racing will enter Guild Wars 2 on November 27th and characteristics five exceptional tracks that span the breadth of Tyria. All players can participate too!

    About Guild Wars 2

    Guild Wars 2 is actually a visually stunning on the internet game that provides players the epic grandeur of a massive role playing environment combined with action combat, large-scale dynamic events that players tackle collectively, plus both team-based and World vs. World competitive battles. The game is updated frequently with Living World episodes that tell the ongoing story of the globe and introduce new places to play in. Yet with all these updates, the game continues the no-subscription-fee business enterprise model that made the original Guild Wars so well-liked. To obtain inexpensive GW2 Gold, please stop by

    About ArenaNet

    ArenaNet may be the developer on the groundbreaking Guild Wars 2 and best-selling Guild Wars on the internet roleplaying games. The studio's mission would be to make innovative on-line worlds, cultivate a vibrant and engaged global neighborhood of players, and to incorporate handcrafted artistry into each aspect of their games. ArenaNet formed in 2000 and it has attracted more than 15 million players worldwide, with press and fans regularly calling Guild Wars 2 among the best MMOs and RPGs of all time.

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