Most recent Path of Exile Development Manifesto Announces
  • sheliasmithsonsheliasmithson December 2018

    The Path of Exile web page has been updated having a new Development Manifesto that lays out quite a few alterations coming towards the game to address balance concerns and gameplay limitations. The post gives readers with a broad have a look at incoming adjustments within the Betrayal content expansion across a variety of options which includes Stat Sticks, Energy Shield Recharge, Cap on Slowing Effects, Distinctive Rebalance, and Archetypes.

    Stat Sticks are getting removed:

    You'll no longer be able to use capabilities that need a precise weapon equipped for anyone who is dual-wielding and one particular of one's equipped weapons is unsuitable for that skill.
    Expertise that may be used with two weapons, but had been main-hand-only when employed, now use both weapons when dual wielding.

    Power Shield Recharge will no longer be interrupted "by non-damage alterations for your Life or Power Shield" soon after in depth testing ton assure there won't be concerns with other builds.

    Cap on Slowing Effects is now capped at 75% from all sources.

    Exceptional Rebalance might be an ongoing approach over time, even though several are getting POE Items adjusted in time for Betrayal.

    Archetypes from 3.5.0 (cold-based DOT spell caster, Hierophant-based caster and the Champion-based melee character is going to be seeing further skills added and other individuals reworked.

    Read the full post on the Path of Exile web-site.

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