Yoga Travel Destination: Wild Rose Yoga - Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • cheslavpriortetkincheslavpriortetkin December 2018
    Recently I've had the privilege of visiting Wild Rose Yoga, found in the magical yoga travel locale of Chiang Mai, Thailand. This lovely studio serves as a haven to go somewhere with yogis that make their pilgrimages to the Southeast Asian paradise. Without a yoga travel resort in the semantic sense, the studio offers many special trainings and events in addition to its regular class schedule. Should you be considering vacation to Thailand, make sure you visit. Wild Rose could make you feel in the home, which makes it simple to love Chiang Mai and very tough to leave.


    Chiang Mai is surely an incredible city that must be experienced first-hand so that you can fully comprehend its inner layers of beauty. Perfectly located at the north of Thailand, town is a charming alternative to the concrete mayhem of their government Bangkok towards the south. Chiang Mai's old town (where Wild Rose is situated) is seen as a its chilled-out atmosphere having its great number of vegetarian and organic restaurants, quaint coffee shops, and relaxed watering holes. Situated amongst an exotic mountainous environment, the landscape all around the city boasts ancient temples, organic coffee farms, waterfalls, and elephant parks.

    The approach to life in Chiang Mai is straightforward going and simple, out of the box reflected about the smiling faces and warmth of the locals and visitors alike. Chiang Mai's friendliness is contagious. You'll easily discover yourself making new friends every day. In Chiang Mai, simply being in close proximity to another person is enough reason to set up a talk and create a new friend. This gregarious warmth reaches Wild Rose Yoga also.

    Upon first reaching the studio I used to be greeted by Rosemary Bolivar, the owner of Wild Rose, who welcomed me and gave me the grand tour. The studio itself is nothing short of spectacular. A dark wooden foundation provides a rustic and comfortable feel for the space. I'd the opportunity to experience our asana practice during a monsoon shower which in fact had a soothing effect of transforming the studio right into a elemental shelter. Wild Rose also offers a sauna which hosts weekly "Steam and Beam" sessions where patrons can enjoy herbal scrubs and masks after an invigorating yoga class.

    I highly recommend Medical Chi Kung Thailand for any yoga travel enthusiast. Not sleep thus far with coming events and guest teachers on the Wild Rose Facebook Page, which globally connects the yoga travel enthusiasts who have visited this great studio.

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