5 Tile Tips When selecting Kitchen Tiles
  • fridagulyaeva88fridagulyaeva88 December 2018
    Choosing kitchen wall tiles is rarely easy. There are so many decisions that you must make during the process that it could all become a bit confusing. Here is a quick guide to five of the most important tips when selecting your tiles to enable you to make the right decision so that you can enjoy suelos cocina for quite some time in the future.


    1. Consider the Existing Furnishings

    If you choose your home wall tiles or flooring, one thing to do is to consider every one of the existing furnishings and decoration within your kitchen. Your objective must be to find tiles that complement along with from the walls as well as the kind of the tables and cabinets so that everything works harmoniously. Alternatively, in case you are redecorating your entire kitchen and replacing the cupboards and furniture, pick a design that suits the overall scheme.

    2. Choose Small Tiles for Small Kitchens

    The dimensions of the tile that you simply opt for can be a a few personal choice, however the sized room can be a useful indicator of how large the tile should be. Generally speaking, small tiles will be more ideal for small rooms, and the other way around, so don't go buying huge tiles for a small kitchen because this may look a little odd.

    3. Choose Darker Colours to Hide Grout Discolouration

    Grout discolouration is one thing that will occur to your tiles as time passes, especially where the tiles regularly encounter water. You will need to switch the grout because when it starts to crumble away water can get beneath the tiles and cause damage. However, if you don't want the discoloured grout to appear a lot of, choose darker coloured tiles. These will hide the grout if this begins to change colour, instead of light tiles that will make it arrive more.

    4. Be Wary of the Glazed Finish

    Glazed tiles such as glazed porcelain tiles tend to chip easier, but they tend to be a well known choice. In the kitchen, items may get dropped on the tiles and cause damage, so it could be far better to avoid these. Glazed tiles can be more slippery, so for flooring in the kitchen this can not be such a great idea.

    5. Stain Resistant

    Stains can be a problem in almost any kitchen, so it is smart to choose kitchen flooring that are stain resistant. In general, light-coloured tiles which have not been sealed and are absorbent are more vulnerable to stains than sealed tiles, so avoid these to keep the natural shade of the tiles longer.


    Choosing the right kitchen flooring and kitchen wall tiles will probably be crucial in allowing the style that you want to accomplish to your kitchen. Tiles play a huge role in the overall appearance of the kitchen, so stick to the above five tips and select the tiles which can be perfect for your home.

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