Features of a Wet Room
  • nazarchuk_natannazarchuk_natan December 2018
    In many ways, they have most of what you'd anticipate finding in the 'traditional bathroom'. The real difference is that the shower cubicle drains directly into the floor, that can have been specially waterproofed or 'tanked' so there's no need for your more usual shower tray or shower screen.

    For people with restricted mobility, the benefit of a Wet room specialists Beaconsfield is the level accessibility to the shower. Due to there being no need for a baby shower tray, those who find raised steps a challenge - and also wheelchair users - find they can easily get the shower.Also, they may be fitted with slip resistant flooring to reduce the chances of slipping, boosting your safety.


    By removing the bathtub, a wet room can open up your bathrooms to make a more appealing space. This may especially benefit smaller rooms, and then there may be space to suit a wet room shower in which the more usual form of shower tray may well not squeeze in. The product range and adaptability of possible designs enable you to choose the flooring of your liking, whether it is tiled, wooden or another waterproof material. Due to this, they particularly suit a contemporary design and, if you're installing one like a second bathroom, it can also increase the value of your property.

    Wet rooms may also be easily compatible with under floor heating, a welcome luxury during winter, even though the 'tanking' process protects the space from moisture damage and water leaks, prolonging the life of tiles and grout.

    They are generally simpler to maintain as there is no shower tray or screen much less the nooks and crannies to completely clean. This is often an important consideration if your mobility is impaired.

    To become frank, disadvantages to a wet room are few and far between. However, you need to do must consider where you leave your towels, clothes and toilet roll and ensure they aren't inside the direct type of splashes from your shower, particularly when your wet room is small.

    Additionally you need to ensure your wet room is 100 percent waterproof - if it wasn't fitted to an expert standard, beware of leaks which could cause serious damage. What's more, traces of the may not appear for quite a while.

    Obviously, professional design and installation can eliminate both these problems, and so the most sage advice is always to talk to a skilled specialist fitting company.

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