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    It’s the quickest growing holiday place to go for Australians this season. And today Jetstar makes it even cheaper, to obtain there using its latest purchase offering half-cost flights included in its return free of charge offer.Fares begin with $299 from Cairns to Tokyo, japan - which factoring within the free return flight, means a fare of $149.50 each way.

    Return flights to Tokyo, japan (Narita) begin with $329 in the Gold Coast, $343 from Sydney, $348 from Queensland and $375 from Melbourne.New information has proven a 170 percent development in journeys to Japan by Australians during the last 5 years, with travel specialists reporting more bookings towards the Land from the Rising Sun than lengthy-time Aussie favourites, Indonesia or Thailand.The information, collected through the Japan National Tourism Organisation, is placed to simply develop with tourist figures set to double for that 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Olympics. Shanghai to Saga flight

    “Japan’s strength and appeal like a travel destination is based on our difference - give us a call encounters that can’t be located elsewhere on the planet, like eating yakitori inside a laneway bar and communicating with locals, soaking inside a natural hot-spring having a look at Mt Fuji or perhaps hiking along an old trail and visiting superbly preserved publish-towns (places where vacationers could rest on their own journey within the 1600s),” stated Kana Wakabayashi, executive director from the Japan National Tourism Organisation in Sydney.

    *Book a Jetstar outbound starter fare and you'll get a return starter fare free of charge. Only accessible in the same arrival and departure ports. Return travel dates may vary, check before you decide to book. Checked baggage not incorporated. Selected flights, selected travel and types of conditions apply.

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