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  • yuanserhdyuanserhd October 2013

      the statement also stressed that, in view of the large concert personnel intensive, prone to accidents, causing heavy casualties, and combined with the chaos in the concert in the process, if the relevant aspects continue to insist on the jordan noir concert, resulting in serious consequences can not be redeemed, and have nothing to do with "the same a song".

      finally, the statement said "the same song" will according to the development of the situation, keep a right to take measures (does not exclude the judicial authorities and law enforcement agencies involved).

      in addition, said in a statement "the same song" public security to the Ministry of culture, Shanghai municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Shanghai City Bureau, Shanghai City Cultural Broadcasting Authority emergency situation. Request the relevant government functional departments, given the extreme seriousness of current situation, immediately take decisive measures, to stop the concert. jordan doernbecher

      according to understand, "the same song" the special delegate column group public relations management consultant Zhong Siqian and cultural performances of senior lawyers Hu Zhengsheng made a special trip to Shanghai, processing counterfeit "the same song" in the name of the relevant matters, held in Shanghai in May 27th, "CCTV" the same song "into the house." the concert.


      yesterday in a statement, "the same song" first call "concert organizers must immediately stop all illegal infringement activities. Must immediately apologize to the audience and CCTV apologizes in major news media, to receive the refund; must stop performances, properly handle the problems left over, maintaining social stability."

          Xinbaoxun (reporter Zhang Xuejun) the day before yesterday, this newspaper to "fake" the same song "deceive people in Shanghai" as the theme for the Shanghai million stadium held a and "the same song" air yeezy 2 independent performance reports. Yesterday, CCTV "the same song" to the newspaper sent to the statement, called on Shanghai to immediately take decisive measures, to stop the concert.

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