Using a Penis Sleeve for a Happy, Active Penis
  • taste1983taste1983 December 2018
    An active penis is a happy penis; for many men, utilizing a penis extension sleeve belongs to what keeps his tool happy. (His partner may also find that the sleeve increases his or her happiness also!) This adult toy can be a welcome accessory for a couple's romantic life and when used with care shouldn't possess a significant impact upon your ongoing penis health.


    Just what penis sleeve?

    Sometimes termed as a penis sheath, a sleeve is technically any covering which is added to a guys shaft; however, that definition includes inside it things such as condoms, which aren't really what exactly is meant with a sleeve. More properly, a sleeve can be a device that suits over or rests on a penis plus a way adds shape, length or girth for the natural equipment.

    What's it made from?

    Technically, a sleeve can be made of anything; ancients used sheep's bladders as a combination sleeve and condom, as an example. Nowadays, most sleeves are made of plastic, rubber or silicone.

    Sleeves tend to be generally cylindrical in form. Because they are meant to cover the shaft, they are hollowed out to enable easy insertion from the member; at least one end is open and perhaps, both could be. The shell may be solid alongside or it could have openings along them. Many sleeves are outfitted with bumps and lumps, which can be designed to provide additional stimulation to the partner of the one wearing the sleeve.

    How's the fit?

    Most sleeves are self-attaching; which is, the opening through which your penis is inserted tends to be a good fit; in some instances, the whole sleeve is quite low on an erect penis. This really is to avoid the sleeve from slipping off. You can find, however, some sleeves that are included with straps that enable someone to tie the sleeve across the testicles. This not only supports the sleeve set up more securely, additionally, it may function as a testicle cuff for those who enjoy that particular device.


    There are several benefits to utilizing a penis sleeve. As mentioned, a further dimension that it provides penis (often with the aforementioned bumps and lumps) provides extra sexual stimulation and pleasure to a partner. The wearer may also gain extra stimulation; the friction brought on by tight sleeve on an erection, included with the sensations produced by the sexual attentions from the partner, can create a "double you pleasure, double your fun" kind of situation.

    Additionally, many men get an erotically charged psychological boost in the sleeve. They could be aroused at the manner in which the sleeve makes the penis look bigger or could find a turn-on from simply focusing this extra attention around the member.


    Some mankind has an extremely hard time getting a sleeve that fits properly. A too-tight sleeve can be very uncomfortable, while one that is too loose may disappear. Also problematic is finding one that comfortable accommodates the various stages of hardness that a penis will go through throughout a length of intercourse.

    A lot of men who take pleasure in the sensations supplied by a sleeve realize that it unfortunately causes some form of penile irritation afterward. Often, the fabric and tightness with the sleeve may produce a rash, redness, soreness or another discomfort.

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