I believe it will be better for everyone, certainly for us
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    ATHENS Women's
    Nike Air Force 1 Low Red
     , Sept. 25 (Xinhua) -- Greek leaders and
    visitingEurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem stressed on Monday duringtalks
    here the need to swiftly conclude the third review of thethird Greek bailout so
    as to pave the way for a successful, cleanexit from the program in the summer of

    "I believe it will be better for everyone, certainly for us, toconclude this
    review as soon as possible. I stress that from ourpart we will do our share,"
    Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulossaid when welcoming the Dutch official,
    according to a statementfrom his office.

    Dijsselbloem, for his part Women's
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     , said: "I remain fully committed
    inefforts so that Greece will continue to be an integral part of theEuropean
    family and of course the eurozone...My goal is theconclusion of the assessment,
    the end of the program and theeconomic recovery of Greece," Dijsselbloem said.

    His term at the helm of the Eurogroup ends in January, butDijsselbloem
    expressed numerous times on Monday that he wascommitted to supporting the goal
    from any future post.

    When Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras met with Dijsselbloemshortly after,
    he echoed the comments made by Pavlopoulos onbringing about a positive ending to
    the third review.

    "Our aim is to successfully close on time the third review sothat we will be
    able to discuss about the next day for Greece andthe economy...There is some
    good news about the progress of Greekeconomy, therefore today we are more
    optimistic about the future,"he said.

    "A lot of work has been done and the situation has improvedsignificantly...I
    think we agree that it should be a clean exit andGreece should regain its
    financial independence. These are ourcommon targets for which we must work
    together and we will do it Women's
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     ,"Dijsselbloem said,
    according to a press release from the GreekPremier's office.

    The conclusion of the next review which is due to start inOctober could close
    before the end of this year, Dijsselbloem said,expressing optimism about the
    latest positive figures on the Greekeconomy and the improved economic

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