Highlights of the future policy include a reduction on income
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    China's southern city of Shenzhen is soliciting public opinion over a draft
    plan to cope with mounting pressure facing the greying city.

    Highlights of the future policy include a reduction on income tax for
    employees living with their aged parents. It also mentioned an exemption of
    property tax for seniors who choose to pay for care services via house loans.

    The city's civil affairs authority has also pledged to expand coverage of
    elderly care services by adding 3 Nike
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     ,000 new beds at
    nursing homes and providing home-based services to 90 percent of local seniors.

    Shenzhen currently has some 490,000 residents aged above 60. The number is
    expected to jump to 760,000 by 2020.

    HARBIN, Sept. 22, (Xinhua) -- Archaeologists have discovered 19 Neolithic
    tombs and unearthed more than 400 cultural relics in northeast China's
    Heilongjiang Province, local authorities said Friday.

    Most of the relics Nike
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     , consisting of jadeware,
    stoneware and pottery, date back around 9,000 years, according to the provincial
    institute of archaeology.

    The site was found in the Xiaonanshan ruins of Raohe County along the Wusuli
    River, a boundary river between China and Russia Mens
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     , and is expected to
    support the study of the region's history and culture.

    "Building those tombs could have been hard in light of the construction
    ability during that period," said Li Youqian with the institute.

    The discovery of the tombs proved there was human settlement in that area at
    that time. Abundant animal and plant resources in the area also made it possible
    for human beings to live in the area, archaeologists at the institute said.

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