Many people have turned their love of cooking and entertaining
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    Catering London Ontario for various occasion

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     , 2017

    Many people have turned their love of cooking and entertaining into a good
    living by starting catering businesses.

    Catering is a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S. and as one of the
    fastest growing segments of the food and beverage industry, the catering
    business offers great opportunities for those wanting to start a small business
    with a low start-up cost.

    In this article, we will look at Business Catering London Ontario profits,
    earnings and salaries and how much money it is really possible to make in this
    industry. Then we will examine some of the things that separate the really
    successful players from the amateurs.

    Is a 0,000 Yearly Profit Possible in Catering?

    Many people consider a 0 cheap nike air max
     ,000 pre-tax salary or profit to be a benchmark for success and
    they wonder if they can reach this level of earnings in catering.

    Most Catering London Ontario owners who put in the effort can expect to earn
    between ,000 and ,000 profit per year for the owner during the first couple of
    years. After a couple of years in the business, you can easily scale up to
    earning a 'six-figure' annual income from catering.

    Tips for Getting to the 'Six Figure' Level

    1) Forget catering for your home kitchen if you want to get to this salary
    level. Business savvy caterers do volumes that require them to either rent
    commercial kitchen space by the hour, arrange access to restaurant kitchens
    during off-hours or focus on 'on-premises' jobs only and use the kitchens of
    their clients.

    2) Successful players love spending time creating menus cheap nike air max
     , following food trends and interacting with people without
    neglecting the business side of catering.

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