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    OMG the Saints win on a missed PAT!?!? What world is this? Drew Brees was magnificent Color Rush Larry Warford Jersey , the defense held up until the end, and Sean Payton gives no f***s about how experts think he should call plays. He’s gonna Taysom all day, every day.Become a Patron and get access to more shows for as little as $1 dollar a month and help us raise enough money to do daily podcast.Our show is sponsored by JLD Hot Sauce and Knives. Use code SAINTS and get 10% off.Want to join the fun or ask the guys a question, tweet them @PodcastSaints, like their Facebook page,or email them at Saints History Archive!Our NEW Patreon page is live: will remain active and ALL new Patron content will be loaded to the Podbean Patron page as well as the new Patreon page. You don’t have to switch but if you want to, the option is there. If you want to have access to Patron only content and not use Podbean consider supporting us through Patreon. WARNING: podcast contains explicit language The New Orleans Saints face the Baltimore Ravens in Charm City this week.As we are all well aware, the Ravens stand as the only NFL franchise that Drew Brees has yet to defeat in his illustrious career.This obstacle will not be easy to overcome this week, as Baltimore enters this game with the #1 defense in the NFL, they are playing at home, and they are coming off a shutout performance in which they recorded 11 sacks.Although this will be a tough task for the Saints, the Ravens will certainly have more than their hands full against the best offense they have faced all season.The Saints are 7-5 following the bye since 2006, including wins in the last two seasons.The Saints need to extend that to a third season if Brees is to have any chance to complete his triumph over the league.This is truly Brees’ last chance (barring a rematch in Super Bowl LIII) as the Saints aren’t scheduled to face the Ravens again until 2022.Here’s to Brees finding the last time’s the charm in Baltimore, and to the Saints winning their fifth consecutive game!Who Dat!Now let’s take a look at this and all of the matchups in Week 7.Last week I went 8-7I told you so: Steelers over Bengals!What do I know: Broncos over Rams?***WEEK 7Thursday, October 18th - Thursday Night FootballBroncos(2-4) at Cardinals(1-5)Denver will rebound from their disappointing loss last week by beating on the NFL’s worst team in Arizona.Denver wins 35-14.Pick: Broncos***Sunday, October 21st - Early GamesTitans(3-3) at* Chargers(4-2) - Wembley Stadium - London Youth Michael Thomas Jersey , EnglandMarcus Mariota may be coming into this game with PTSD after getting sacked 11 times last week.Tennessee will have a difficult time matching up with LA’s balance in this one across the pond.Los Angeles wins 30-27.Pick: Chargers***Texans(3-3) at Jaguars(3-3)Jacksonville, especially on defense, will have a lot to prove after being thoroughly embarrassed last week in Dallas.They will rebound with a surprisingly big win over Houston.Jacksonville wins 37-14.Pick: Jaguars***Panthers(3-2) at Eagles(3-3) Every time you think Philly’s got it figured out and have returned to form, they suffer a lapse.They’ll do that again here against the Panthers.Carolina wins 30-24.Pick: Panthers***Vikings(3-2-1) at Jets(3-3) Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota passing attack will feast once again in this one.The Jets won't have an answer, even with home field advantage.Minnesota wins 40-27.Pick: Vikings***Patriots(4-2) at Bears(3-2)Even though New England will be facing a much better defense this week in Chicago than they did last week, Tom Brady and the Pats will secure another victory.New England wins 28-14.Pick: Patriots***Bills(2-4) at Colts(1-5)Although Buffalo has no passing game to speak of, they’ll rely on their ground game and defense to grind out a win in Indy.Buffalo wins 20-10.Pick: Bills***Browns(2-3-1) at Buccaneers(2-3)Tampa has no defense whatsoever, and no ground game to speak of either, but they’ll be able to pass on the erratic Cleveland defense, still reeling from their terrible performance a week ago.Tampa wins 21-19.Pick: Buccaneers***Lions(2-3) at Dolphins(4-2)Miami will take the momentum from their big home win last week into this win over Detroit.Miami wins 23-21.Pick: Dolphins***Sunday, October 21st - Late GamesCowboys(3-3) at Redskins(3-2)Dallas, on a roll after their big win last week, will continue with another win here, thanks to a huge game from Ezekiel Elliott.Dallas wins 35-17.Pick: Cowboys***Rams(6-0) at 49ers(1-5)San Francisco will put up a valiant fight against their interstate rivals, but Los Angeles will still take them out, regardless.Los Angeles wins 37-27.Pick: Rams***Saints(4-1) at Ravens(4-2) - Game of the WeekMore than any other Saints game this season Youth Cameron Jordan Jersey , this is a really difficult game to get a read on.The only thing to truly feel confident about is that neither team will be able to run the ball on the other.This will leave it up to the quarterbacks.Who do you trust more, Joe Flacco or Drew Brees?I trust Drew Brees, and I trust he will finally defeat the only NFL franchise he has remaining to get a win against.It won’t come easy, in fact it will resemble something like an exorcism, trying to exorcise the demons of past failures against the Ravens for well over the past decade.At last, all good things come in due time.Wil Lutz will nail the eventual game winner and the Saints defense will hold on to victory in the closing moments.Saints win 24-23.Pick: Saints***Sunday Night FootballBengals(4-2) at Chiefs(5-1)Kansas City will rebound nicely from their last-second loss last Sunday Night.This Sunday Night, they’ll handle Cincy in another offensive show.Kansas City wins 37-27.Pick: Chiefs***Monday, October 22nd - Monday Night FootballGiants(1-5) at Falcons(2-4)Try as they might, the Giants just can't seem to get out of their own way.They’ll stumble and fall once again, giving Atlanta a game-winning field goal as time expires.Atlanta wins 26-24.Pick: Falcons***That’s how I see Week 7 shaping up, hopefully the Saints can finally get the ever-so elusive win against Baltimore.Leave us your picks, comments, and insight below! Custom Minnesota Vikings Jerseys

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