Kitesurfing Lessons - What to Look For inside a Kite Lesson Learning Location
  • gaze92gaze92 January 20
    What if you're looking for inside the location you are taking your kitesurfing sri lanka? Many people would answer, flat water, constant wind, ready availability of Pina Colada's and the nearby existence of the Brazilian beach volleyball team. I'll break convention however and disagree (avoid the last 2, they may be quite obviously essential!!). I would recommend you learn somewhere with conditions as close to the people you anticipate being kitesurfing in regularly, ie much like your neighborhood spot. Sure flat water and constant wind you can get up and riding faster, however expect once you go back home and can't even have the kite in the air because the conditions are so different.


    Learning somewhere concentrating on the same conditions in your local spot will mean when you return home after your kitesurfing lessons you will find the confidence and more importantly the experience to cope with whatever your neighborhood beach is serving up on a specific day and help you save frustration of having to re-learn everything you have frolicked and funds learning. Something which leads many individuals to stop the activity before they've even really started.

    Other activities to understand is the fact that many places off accommodation and kitesurfing lessons on the beach before the hotel...that is great before you uncover the conditions in front of the hotel aren't great unless there is wind blowing in certain manner but you still need learn before the hotel as that's where the college does lessons. Check you can find alternative spots the school are able to use.

    In the event of no wind, alternative activities can be a wise decision (remember there is no such thing as guaranteed wind!). Wakeboarding is definitely an especially good no wind activity since it conditions your water start skills and also a lot of fun!

    Sam Guest is surely an IKO Kitesurf Head Instructor currently working in Tarifa, Spain. He's got 10 years experience working in water sports industry and has a love for life, the ocean and helping people make the most out of what they've got got.

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