Shanghai's Changning district issues handbook for entrepreneurs
  • venynxvenynx February 1

    A photo taken on Aug 18 shows the front page of the entrepreneurship handbook issued by the human resources and social security bureau at Shanghai's Changning district. Find the latestChangning District news, stories and opinions on politics, business, society, lifestyle and culture, as well as featured stories and multimedia coverage from SHINE.

    The human resources and social security bureau at Shanghai's Changning district issued 1,000 handbooks introducing the services it provides for entrepreneurs on Aug 18.

    The cartoon handbook contains basic information on the district's 23 start-up incubators, 13 public entrepreneur service centers and 28 centers providing professional skills training.

    By scanning the QR code on each center, entrepreneurs can find out its address, contact information and the services it offers. Entrepreneurs can also refer to a hand-drawn map in the leaflet.A map in the handbook shows the location of various entrepreneurship service centers in Shanghai's Changning district.

    At the end of the handbook is an introduction to the district's supportive policies regarding funding, housing subsidies, entrepreneurship subsidies and training subsidies. The handbook also contains a few blank pages for readers to take notes.

    The bureau also released a list of outstanding entrepreneurs and their start-up projects, which includes 59 internet-plus firms and 23 culture industry companies.

    Officials from the bureau said that the district planned to set up an entrepreneurship association to guide the development of small and micro businesses in Changning.

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