Steps to make a skinny Face Fuller With Fat Injections
  • natellagustovanatellagustova February 4
    The thin face, sometimes referred to as gaunt, can happens to the young and old. It's seen with greater regularity as one ages with lack of fat in the cheeks and side with the face. But it can also occur as a normal makeup os some people's facial architecture even though one is relatively young. (Abraham Lincoln is the most famous example from an historical perspective, actor Scott Glenn yet others are more recent examples) Known medically as facial lipoatrophy, it may also occur from certain diseases and medicines. (for example HIV) Fat replacement by injection is both could possibly and a minimally invasive way of its treatment.

    Fat grafting has become more popular then ever and is perfect for the gaunt face. Fat is harvested having a small liposuction cannula from your suitable donor site. The quantity of fat needed doesn't usually lead to an important contour alteration of the donor site. So patient's shouldn't expect that they will be getting an equivalent liposuction result elsewhere. I usually use abdominal fat harvested from the belly button. There's no scientific evidence yet that supports one donor site over another in terms of being better fat that may last longer after transfer.

    Fat deposits is prepared by removing loose liquids and impurities by washing and then spinning it inside a centrifuge. It is then put into syringes and injected into the desired facial areas through a corner of the mouth, a crease while watching ear, or within the crease from the nasolabial fold. Body fat is injected in multiple small tunnels in a criss-crossing pattern if at all possible. The injected fat will then be massaged around until it's smooth without any obvious irregularities.


    Injecting fat to the face is a bit of an art. In the gaunt face, the area beneath the cheek bones and into the side of the face are the most typical. But other locations can be done as well including underneath the eyes and round the bottom of the nose. The quantity of ฉีดไขมันหน้า is pretty small with lower than 10cc in every side of the face. It can be surprising how even small volumes of fat can produce a significant volumetric difference.

    This action can comfortably be performed under local anesthesia, with oral or IV sedation if desired. Whether it is done in the office or even an OR suite depends on which supplies the most effective sterility and has the required equipment for fat harvesting and preparation.

    The unknown variable on this technique of every patient is when much fat can survive. You ought to not expect that 100% fat survival will occur. Nevertheless the lateral face and cheek area are presently thought to be probably the most favorable with studies reporting approximately 70% retention. My experience is closer to 50% so some overfilling is always done. What one sees at 3 months after treatment should be expected to become retained long-term.

    In older patients that could involve some loose skin in the jowl or neck, it can be along with a restricted or tuck-up facelift for better results. Even though the fat does add volume and may help fill some lax skin, improvement underneath the facial hollows must result from skin tightening. I have seen some reports which tout the overlying skin improves after fat grafting, suggesting how the new fat somehow rejuvenates aging skin. Some declare that its is the aftereffect of the transplanted stem cells. I doubt that there are such effects but the underlying volume fill does extend the overlying skin and can provide the impression of smoother skin.

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