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    Movado has been around for over 120 years making premium luxury watches for
    people who like to use a quality timepiece. Founded by Achilles Ditesheim in
    Switzerland the watch company changed hands in 1983 when it was taken over by
    Gedalio Grinberg from New York. Since then his son Efraim Grinberg has ushered
    the company into the present times and ensured its product lines are modern and
    appealing to the demanding marketplace. Movado watches are known for their
    single gold dot which symbolizes the sun at high noon.

    Movado is spread over 30 stores across United States and one can check out
    the latest collections that the company has to offer. Movado has two major
    brands namely MOVADO and ESQ by Movado. The MOVADO brand carries around 25
    different types of sub brands such as Amorosa Nike
    Air VaporMax Mens UK
     , Bold, Belamoda, Circlo, Rondiro Nike
    Air VaporMax Black UK
     , Concerto, Certe, Museum, and many more
    catering to men Nike
    Air VaporMax Womens UK
     , women and sports watch lovers. Movado is a
    company that dedicates its design for both the luxury as well as the sports
    market with popular sport watches such as Luno Sport, Movado Sportivo, and much
    more. These watch designs have the classic sport bracelet, minute
    tracks Nike Air VaporMax
     , and diamond markers with solid or two tone steel. Most of
    these watches retail from USD 895 to USD 1095.

    ESQ by Movado has 13 sub brands such as Aston, Beacon, Filmore,
    Kali Nike Air Max 270
     , Octane, Prescott, Quest, Chronicle Nike Air Max 98
     , Bracer and Torrent. ESQ watches range from USD 500 to USD
    1200. Both these brands offer a choice of materials that consumers can choose
    from. Be it Mixed materials, stainless steel, two tone, or yellow gold-plated.
    Movado also manufactures automatic Nike Air Max 2018
     , quartz and quartz chronograph watches with specialized
    functions. You can also choose from different band types such as bangle,
    bracelet, and strap.

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