Troubled Teenagers Find Help Through Counseling at Sun Point Wellness Center
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    The therapists at Sun Point Wellness Center in Lancaster, PA integrate evidence-based therapies that help teenagers overcome emotional and psychological obstacles inside a compassionate and non judgemental way.

    Lancaster, PA. - The changing landscape of the American teenager means increasingly more are clinically determined to have extreme issues including depression and anxiety to heavy drug abuse. The stressors operate a gambit of different triggers. Issues with self-esteem, and pressures at school and peers often mean teens convey more to deal with than ever before. This is when professional teenager counseling using a qualified counselor will help.


    The therapists and counselors at Sun Point Wellness Centerin Lancaster, PA guide families beyond common obstacles that arise when raising a teen. Whether the problems arise from social media bullying, depression, addiction, or PTSD, the professionals with this local center will help. The holistic, compassionate therapy they offer will give teenagers tools and techniques for much better coping skills, and rebuild connections to save an embattled relationships from a parent and child.

    Laura Morse, counselor and Executive Director of Sun Point Wellness, and the team in the center utilize a mixture of several sessions with family, parent as well as the individual teenager. They employ an evidence-based approach using the intersystems model, CBT and trauma-informed modalities. In layman’s terms, Morse explained, “We start work with a compassionate, non-judgmental session with all the teenager first, making use of their permission, then meet with their parents alone.”

    After this, Morse meets with the mother and father as well as the teen collectively to build a list of goals. The entire team: therapist, parents and teen come together to be successful with those goals.

    “This is a process. It is not a thing that can happen overnight or within a week. Parents particularly need to understand this, but they might prefer their teens to produce these changes instantly. Counseling and therapy need time and energy to create lasting change,” said Morse.

    Sun Point Wellness Center has witnessed many teenagers are available in with their offices in Lancaster, PA seeking therapy to see common challenges with school stressors, self esteem and depression. “We see teenagers literally devastated by psychological problems that arise in this sensitive age,” says Laura Morse, counselor and Executive Director of Sun Point Wellness. “Issues around bullying, substance abuse, and social pressures from peers are incredibly common.”

    Sun Point Wellness Center has good success with dealing with the emotional issues often seen in teenagers, and repairing family relationships in the act. Learn more Laura Morse at and schedule an appointment using one of the sun's rays Point Wellness Center counselors at

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