Every Business Needs a Mobile App Development?
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    While running your company & hearing new things about mobility on regular basis, you commence thinking is my company needs a Mobile App? Really? I have my own, personal online presence from the website, social media profiles, etc. Why should I value mobility? My business doesn’t require a mobile app for further growth, I'm okay by using it? Sound similar?

    The straight answer is partially right not every business require mobile app like we all do require websites. But stats continue to be compelling us to take into account the android app development company.


    True Details of Mobile usage are
    1. As of August 2017, there are over 3.5 billion unique mobile online users. Source: Statista
    2. Users devote to average 69% of these media time on smartphones. Source: comScore
    3. Mobile devices will drive 80% of global internet usage. Source: Zenith
    4. 50% of the time individuals devote to digital media is on mobile apps. Source: Comscore
    5. There are approximately 8 million apps inside the Google Play store, 2.2 million in the Apple App Store, 669K inside the Windows Store, and 600K within the Amazon Appstore. Source: Statista
    6. The entire quantity of mobile app downloads in 2017 is 197 billion (a forecast). Source: Statista
    7. The entire variety of iOS app downloads in 2016 was 25 billion. Source: App Annie
    8. The entire number of Android app downloads in 2016 was 90 billion. Source: App Annie
    9. Regardless of the sea preferred by mobile apps available for both android and ios, in the real world, people have a tendency to only use a couple of on a daily basis. The average variety of apps people me is 9 apps daily, and 30 apps monthly. Source: TechCrunch
    10. Mobile websites have more visitors than native apps. But the individuals spend much less time on mobile websites compared to what they do on apps. Source: comScore
    11. Mobile will be the dominant platform for searches, as 48% of the buyers use smartphones to begin searching using a internet search engine. Source: Google Research
    12. 69% of consumers worldwide between 18 and 39 use mobile devices to research products before they're buying. Source: AUM Core
    13. Google drives 96% of mobile search traffic, followed by Yahoo at 2% and Bing at 1%. Search can also be probably the most popular mobile phone applications in the usa. Source: NetMarketShare
    14. A “List of products” is an essential mobile website feature of local business owners, with “Opening hours” and “Price list” following closely after. Source: Statista
    15. 78% of mobile pursuit of someone's place of business information result in a purchase. That’s more than from any other sort of device. Source: comScore
    Looking at above stats your answer converts from Partially to wrong, I know about this. Yes, Mobile will be the future and a separate segment in which you have to present in your customer smartphone to grow & brand your small business. These numbers are increasing day by day, people feel comfort in browsing the web through their mobile phones.

    Now, Absolutely suit ” Is look at demands the mobile phone applications?”

    Mobile apps fail to work like a how do people showcase the information regarding your business & app user start calling you if they're interested. Mobile phone applications are developed purposefully for a few features or automation or customer engagement or productivity or communication.

    Which are the forms of business which had significant advantages of the mobile apps these days?

    Food Service Business - TakeAway, Restaurants, Food Outlets, etc.
    MarketPlace Platforms - Where Service / Product provider companies list their services/products to offer to get rid of Users. Like Amazon, eBay, TigerDirect, etc.
    Appointment Management - Businesses / Professional service providers who want to schedule the appointments to fulfill their customers Like Doctors, Lawyers, Architect, Professional Expert, etc.
    Fleet Management - Tracking Resources on roads, Track timing to improve efficiency.
    Real-estate businesses - List the important points of these property to market or rent with nearby commodities.
    Hotel Industry - List their rooms for travelers to look & book on the go.

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