Celebrating best in shopping and tourism
  • venynxvenynx February 15

    Celebrating best in shopping and tourism The Putuo celebrations of
    the Shanghai Shopping and Tourism Festival have begun, featuring many
    shopping and cultural events for consumers and tourists from both home
    and abroad.To get more Putuo District news, you can visit shine news official website.

    Themed “Travel freely and shop happily in Putuo,” the celebrations run
    through November 11 and involves 18 special events highlights Putuo’s
    attractions, landmark shopping sites and various experiences. Several
    events, such as the travel, culture and shopping festival at the Global
    Harbor Mall, the largest shopping complex downtown, a handicraft
    festival in M50 art and creative park have been selected as key events
    for the festival. Several popular eateries and stores, including the
    Agathacafe, Cote & Ciel and Ant & Grasshpper have been listed
    along a recommended shopping route.

    The festival’s opening
    ceremony was at the south plaza of the Global Harbor Mall on September
    16. The mall’s iconic twin towers were illuminated with glistening
    lights along with slogans welcoming international guests to Putuo. To
    prepare for the first China International Import Expo in November, a
    Putuo volunteer recited a poem in various foreign languages to showcase
    their linguistic capability to serve global participants in the import
    expo. Representatives of Putuo’s commercial and travel companies pledged
    to offer the best services to visitors from both home and abroad.

    shopping and tourism festivals aim to showcase Putuo’s commercial and
    tourism specialties as well as create a year-long shopping and tourism
    drive, according to the Putuo District government. Among the events
    during the festivals, a Golden Week tourism promotion week is being held
    at the Bailian Zhonghuan Shopping Mall. Over 20 travel agencies
    promised to arrange safe and high quality tourism experiences to their
    customers, and grab the opportunity of the import expo to improve the
    power of Shanghai’s tourism brand. The four shopping landmarks in Putuo
    have been decked out for festive celebrations and cultural events.

    The Global Harbor Mall, for instance, has launched a series of
    exhibitions, including “take me,” a cup exhibition involving haipai —
    Shanghai’s unique East-Meets-West culture, and an exhibition by New
    York-based Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita. The Changfeng One-day Urban
    Resort, the city’s first “urban tourism resort” will offer discounted
    tickets during the festival to attract children and parents. The resort
    includes the Changfeng Joy City, featuring the city’s first rooftop
    sports park, the film museum of Hong Kong kung fu star Jackie Chan, the
    Changfeng Park and Changfeng Ocean World. The M50 life aesthetics
    exhibition is displaying a number of artworks, delicacies, music and
    merchandize to encourage visitors to appreciate the beauty in life,
    while an exhibition and experiential class at the Shanghai Textiles
    Museum showcases China’s delicate brocade and textile products.

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