Historic trade capital once again becomes global investment hub
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    Historic trade capital once again becomes global investment hub
    Chengdu, in Sichuan province, has made great efforts to transform itself
    from being a hinterland to a bustling trade hub, with multiple modes of
    transport helping to attract major global partnersTo get more Chengdu City
    news, you can visit shine news official website. Situated in the
    fertile province of Sichuan, Chengdu has long provided commodities and
    goods for nations along the path of ancient Silk Road.

    with an extensive transportation network covering air, waterways and
    land, the city is once again aligning its growth even more closely with
    the outside world. Chengdu has made great efforts to transform itself
    from being a hinterland to a bustling trade area, with multiple modes of
    transportation. On 7 November 2018, some 123 Volvo XC60 compact luxury
    crossover SUVs, which were made in Volvo’s first Chinese plant in
    Chengdu, departed the city. They were due to arrive in Vorotynsk in
    Russia in around 10 days. This was the first time Chengdu-made
    automobiles were exported through the Chengdu-Europe Express Railway.
    The Chengdu-Europe Express Railway launched its first freight train in

    It has reversed the geographic disadvantages of Chengdu
    being a landlocked city and transformed it into an important channel for
    logistics and economic exchanges along the overland Eurasian
    Continental Bridge. Officials said the express railway is now looking to
    all points of the compass for expansion. It terminates in Russia in the
    north and reaches into the heart of Europe, as well as Central Asian
    countries in the west. On the east, it has been expanded to Japan, South
    Korea and the Americas, as well as China’s Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan,
    with the help of the Chengdu-Europe Plus strategy and China’s longest
    waterway, the Yangtze River. On the south, it has linked with the
    international logistics networks of member countries in ASEAN.

    of 16 Oct 2018, Chengdu led the country to dispatch this year’s 1,000th
    China-EU freight train. A total of 2,497 trips starting from Chengdu
    were made by China (Chengdu)-Europe freight trains over the past five
    years, accounting for 25pc of the nation’s total. To support the Belt
    and Road Initiative, Chengdu has linked its production, innovation,
    service and consumption with the soaring demand of the countries and
    regions involved in the initiative. For example, during the first China
    International Import Expo in November, companies from Chengdu, Shanghai
    as well as in Russia signed an agreement to build a cross-border
    exhibition centre for Russian imports by 2019 and Russian specialty
    stores by 2020.

    In September, five countries – Italy, France, the
    Netherlands, Israel and Moldova – located their national commodity
    pavilions at the Chengdu International Railway Port in Qingbaijiang,
    part of the China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Officials said these
    pavilions will serve as comprehensive exchange platforms to integrate
    various services covering the economy, culture, education, tourism,
    exhibition and investment. In the coming three years, Qingbaijiang plans
    to develop a cluster of 36 such pavilions.The Chengdu International
    Railway Port had rolled out 20 major projects by the end of September
    2018, for a total investment of 20.3 billion yuan (£2.3 billion).As an
    aviation hub for China’s southwestern areas, Chengdu is constantly
    improving its international aviation network. The city has opened six
    direct, regular international passenger flights and two international
    cargo routes this year. Chengdu currently operates a total of 111
    international air routes, ranking first in central and western China.

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