Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific returns to Baoshan District
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    Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific returns to Baoshan District Seatrade
    Cruise Asia Pacific is set to return to Baoshan District, Shanghai,
    China, following on from its debut event in the city in 2016, in a joint
    commitment with Shanghai Baoshan Municipal People’s Government;
    Shanghai International Cruise Business Institute and Shanghai Wusongkou
    International Cruise Terminal Development Co Ltd.To get more Baoshan District news, you can visit shine news official website.

    2nd edition of the conference-led three day event, held at The Delta
    Hotel by Marriott, Baoshan District, from 1-3 November 2017, will bring
    together top executives from the major cruise line brands, as well as
    government officials and other key stakeholders to discuss the cruise
    industry in Asia and its growth and future prospects. Organised by
    Seatrade, the cruise and maritime portfolio of UBM, the event is
    testament to the continuing cruise growth potential of the region which
    saw 24.7m passengers cruising in 2016 as China rose to number 2 source
    market globally. The programme will have a special focus on how the
    trending “Belt and Road” initiative could bring any impact on cruising
    in the region; while other sessions will concentrate on the wider Asia
    Pacific region and how each stakeholder has a part to play in the future
    of cruising in this vast growth territory. Rounding off three days,
    there will be a special focus on the ‘Top tips of developing and
    upgrading cruise ports and terminals’ with a panel discussion amongst
    experts from cruise terminal management and operations who will discuss:
    How terminals are adapting to a changing market; The do’s and don’ts of
    building a cruise terminal; Different management models in Asia and
    what lessons can be learnt and examples on different investment/port
    development projects.

    Also under the spotlight will be the
    development of the shipbuilding and repair sector in China which, again,
    is a timely nod to news that China’s Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding
    (SWS) targets a 2022 delivery for its first mega cruise ship of
    133,500gt under a joint venture involving the shipyard’s parent, China
    State Shipbuilding Corp. (CSSC), China Investment Corp, Carnival Corp.
    & plc and Fincantieri. Fincantieri also has a cooperation agreement
    with Shanghai’s Huarun Dadong Dockyard, one of China’s largest yards
    specialised in ship repair and refitting to service cruise ships
    operating in the region. According to Andrew Williams, Group Director of
    Aviation and Maritime of UBM: “The 2016 event surpassed our
    expectations with the volume of attendees eager to hear about cruise
    development in the Asia Pacific.

    This year’s event has evolved
    into a matured conference programme that celebrates the achievements to
    date within the industry but also acts as a timely reminder to ensure
    that the infrastructure; inter-regional collaborations and sustainable
    growth plans are in place to support the vast, and exciting, plans the
    region has to offer for this industry.” Williams has also announced that
    the Seatrade Cruise portfolio will continue to support Mercy Ships as
    its chosen charity for 2017. The charity , which operates the world’s
    largest private hospital ship, reports that it is in the process of
    building its first purpose-built hospital ship to serve communities in
    developing countries off the coast of Africa. The organization
    contracted with Tianjin Xingang yard in China for the building of the
    37,000 ton ship, with Deltamarin for the design and Stena Ro-Ro to
    oversee the contract which is set for delivery 2018 - the first time
    that this type of specialist ship will be built in China. Mercy Ships
    founder Don Stephens commented: “The new ship will more than double the
    number of direct beneficiaries of our organisation. We are building
    capacity with new hospital operating rooms that will have facilities for
    visiting doctors and nurses to observe operations as part of their

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