Relation between Small Screen and Press Offices
  • venevskijlvenevskijl March 2
    TV could be changed into a fresh platform of interest for fashion brands was, in fact, quite predictable, but the manner in which the partnership involving the small screen (and it is protagonists) and also the brand press offices evolved accustomed to editorials and advertising in glossy newspapers, it remains an interesting paradigm within the hunt for social relevance.


    Olivia Pope Prada
    Things change, needless to say, when we move away from shows marked by realism as those just mentioned, and we move instead on different productions and then there are at least one female character among the protagonists. In the mid 2000s to today, we could say with certainty, women of television have never been so elegant. We could even go so far as to express the surge in the caliber of the costumes played a simple role in the progressive emergence with the television of excellence and that this led to an even more general change in the connection between TV and fashion brand's press office.
    Marissa Chanel
    At the same time, the actress herself becomes the vehicle of the same brand first from the paparazzi appearing around the tabloid style columns, after that time all pages of Vogue US, where Anna Wintour holds a special location for teen drama heroines, finally on social networks media, the location where the lookbook of the protagonists becomes "content" of sharing both for the series and for the brand. In fact, something virtually identical had already happened a few years earlier in the other series published by Josh Schwartz, The OC , where Mischa Barton, who played Marissa, had triggered the group of L . a . his "New York" way of fashion wear (the series had three different costume designers from 2003 to 2007).
    The actress has repeatedly told, actually, to possess personally interceded on her behalf character to wear Chanel the flowered dress worn inside the third season from the series (it absolutely was 2006) has transpired towards the annals since the first couture appearance at a school dance television.

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