Exactly what can Fat Injections Do For your Aging Face?
  • Since the face matures ages over time, many people will build up fat loss that will make the facial skin appear somewhat hollow and sunken. While this could have been an excellent look when one was young, in the older face such fat loss can make it appear more aged or a bit ill-appearing. A great analogy is a partially deflated balloon seems smaller with increased fold and wrinkles understand what goes on when fat the skin loses hard as time passes.

    The relocation or transplantation of fat from one section of your system (the stomach, flanks, or thighs) is a currently popular method of rejuvenating one's countenance. With the help of or restoring fat volume to pick areas of the face, like the cheeks, side with the face, jawline or temple areas, a less sunken in and more rounded face is made. Such a change could make the facial skin appear healthier and youthful helping plump out some folds and wrinkles which have developed. This technique of fat grafting is completed by a shot technique to ensure that there aren't any incisions or scars that result from doing it.


    The harvest or removal of the fat from your person is of a bit so no 'liposuction' result's extracted from doing so. Many times, I will be performing liposuction on the body anyway which is a great time and energy to do simultaneous fat injection enhancement from the face. The harvest of the fat is done by traditional liposuction techniques however the processing of it for re-injection requires special methods for purification and concentration. At the moment, I favor the addition of PRP (platelet-rich plasma), a natural extract of blood from your patient which can be concentrated for its platelet growth factors), as an addition to fat deposits. It is not yet scientifically proven that any alchemy approach is helpful for fat graft survival, but there is no harm with this with a patient's own blood products.

    Fat injections ought to be thought of as an additive or adjunctive procedure for facial enhancement, usually not a standalone procedure that can solve all facial aging concerns. Proven traditional anti-aging facial procedures for example facelifting techniques and facial implants are still the cornerstone of facial rejuvenation. Fat injections could be coupled with the traditional facial surgery procedures to reinforce and optimize results. Most of the time after i do รีวิวฉีดไขมันหน้า, it's with facial procedures not as a stand alone procedure.

    Usually the one problem with facial fat transfer could it be unpredictability. No-one can predict with any accuracy simply how much fat which is injected can survive. For this reason I almost always overcorrect. In many parts of the face area it does fairly well, but the area surrounding the mouth (like the lips) seems to be the least predictable area. Because of this, other more conventional methods of perioral enhancement (such as synthetic injectable fillers, implants, and skin resurfacing) are presently better in my experience.

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