Stained Glass Tools
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    Numerous specialized and highly honed tools are needed for working with a variety of Stained Glass Tools. These power tools help assist a person in marking, cutting, smoothing, and soldering the glass. Outlined right here from the more essential tools required.

    Glass cutters consist of a metallic wheel based on a brass bearing; they're is an important tool. The wheel might be made from different materials such as steel, carbide, or tungsten. The handles offer a range of different shapes. Glass cutters can be found at local hardware stores.


    Glazing knives are used for cutting control. Standard professional glazing knives are usually used. If you are on the cheap, you can use a putty knife or another standard knife. You will need to shape the blade into a thin curve and the blade sharp.

    Although ordinary pliers are capable of doing the work, special grozing pliers are preferable. Grozing pliers apply even pressure on the glass and stop cracking. Pattern shears are required for preparing paper patterns. A more economical alternative can be an improvised shear made from razor blades.

    A soldering iron, preferably with temperature control, is an additional important tool. A soldering iron is available at local glass stores. An electric grinder is utilized for smoothing the perimeters of cut glass. A worktable or board and brushes to clean is also requirements.

    Moving forward, you'll require a quantity of small tools and supplies for example cleaning solution, tracing paper, pencils, razor blades, scissors, hammer, nails, adhesive paper, etc.

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