Cisco Industrial Ethernet 3000 Series Switches
  • venynxvenynx March 15
    Our switches are specifically designed for harsh environmental
    conditions. They exceed the specifications of most commercial switching
    products,Data Center Switches including IEEE 1613 and IEC 61850 compliance.

    The switches can be configured and managed at the touch of a button,
    using either an onboard GUI tool or the PC-based network assistant.These
    switches help to ensure that only authorized users and traffic can
    access and traverse the network.

    The series helps to ensure that the system operates with other
    Ethernet-enabled devices and IP applications. It also facilitates
    integration between office applications and industrial equipment.Cisco
    IE 3000 switches now have PROFINET v2 certification with conformance
    class B compliance.

    The IE 3000 series can be easily managed by Cisco Industrial Network
    Director, a network management system purpose built for industrial
    applications that uses the complete capabilities of the Cisco industrial
    Ethernet product family to make the network easily accessible to non-IT
    operations personnel.Cisco Services can help you increase operational
    efficiency, lower support costs, and improve availability risk
    management.Data communication networks have become critical to our day
    to day lives. Just about every service and system that we rely on is
    supported by a network of some sort. As these systems have increased and
    evolved in size and complexity, outages are now often considered to be
    unavoidable. At Westermo we don?ˉt believe that needs to be the case and
    we are committed to providing robust and reliable solutions that
    maximise network availability, even for those functioning in the most
    challenging and extreme environments.

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