Several types of VoIP services
  • There are several individual users and companies who are making calls by utilizing VoIP because it is cheaper and it provides advantages and better functionalities over traditional telephone. If you are comparing it with traditional telephone systems from your past then VoIP appears to be the better option, why? There are many business communications system available and many Voice over internet protocol providers want to allow it to be that much easier for businesses to communicate. VoIP is available in many forms. By keeping certain points at heart you will need to decide of choosing the right communication systems for the business. Voice over ip providers like Transparent VoIP offers inclusive pricing filled with features and no monthly contracts. Growth-oriented business people go for business VoIP phone services.


    •Device-based services: You will have to contact the supplier for getting the VoIP device. You now will have to plug it in to the existing phone and you then can simply call people within that country without paying any charges. You will not need to pay any payment.

    •Residential services: You will require an adaptor in order to connect the landline phone to the VoIP for receiving and making calls through the internet. You'll have to pay every month for that plan they've chosen.

    •Software-based services: This is just about the most common and popular VoIP services that is used through the maximum population. It will be installed on the cellular phone in place of computers so you will cover the cost of the calls or receive it for those who have a stable web connection along with your cellular phone.

    •Business services: When you're choosing VoIP services for business this has two parts- cloud-based and on-premises. Both of them are quite cost-effective means of communication in comparison with traditional landlines. Both provide you with incredible functionalities. You can easily indulge themselves into conferencing of audio and video, screen sharing, automated attendance, voice interactive response, call queues, call reports and much more. All these features can be scalable and you may go for proper tech support team, as reliable brands like Transparent VoIP have fully managed VoIP services.

    These are the basic few VoIP services that you can choose depending on your requirement and convenience. It's possible to also choose transparent VoIP since they are equally convenient. Based on the kind of services you are deciding on, the purchase price will be different.

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