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    Acts 433 Church will be the leading micro church movement in the united states. Pastor Matthew Webster has created a system to efficiently and inexpensively establish micro churches wherever a pacesetter emerges. Those who find themselves considering leading a micro church proceed through a twenty-five dollar, ninety day campus certification leadership course. A brand new Acts 433 micro church can be discovered in the moment 3 months after having a qualified leader is identified.


    Acts433.com can also be an online church and leading church planting resource whose primary goal is establishing churches around the globe that teach the grace of Jesus Christ. Rev. Dr. Matthew Webster has recently successfully established churches in multiple countries and possesses authored nine books. Micro churches are the next big movement in the usa and Acts 433 Church has positioned itself being greatly utilized by God to create the Gospel into communities all over the world while effectively training individuals how you can rightly divide the phrase of God.

    You can offer the wonderful ministry of Acts 433 Church by donating at acts433.com as well as praying for your Lord to improve up men and women taking steps of religion to become certified campus leaders. Should you be looking to participate an Acts 433 micro church call us at acts433church@gmail.com and then we can assist you in finding a micro church near you. If at this time and we don't use a location close enough, join our main campus services online every Sunday morning at 11 a.m. E.S.T. A recording with sermon notes within the video airs at 2 pm E.S.T.

    We're excited in every that God has called us to accomplish and although our goals, dreams, and aspirations might seem lofty, we remind ourselves that He is able to do immeasurably greater than all we ask or imagine, in accordance with his souped up that reaches work within us. To God be the glory through the lifetime of Acts 4:33 church.

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