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    Now, it is possible to book the very best service residents, online at Lampedusa. You can get a selection of services, you hadn’t earlier. Get free breakfast and airport shuttle service. Want more? Read on to obtain the full facts about Appartamenti Lampedusa.
    The most popular Highlights
    You have your breakfast sorted; free Wi-Fi and Smoke-free zone. You though that is all? The location of the residence is also good, in just a mile of Parish of St. Gerland Lamperusa, Fisherman statue as well as Cala Pisana. Other areas like Guitgia Cove and Creta Cove are not a long way away.


    Room Types in Appartamenti Lampedusa
    Three-Room Apartments have two- double bedrooms along with a lounge with kitchen. There's a ceiling fan given alongside, air-conditioning and 2 bathrooms. Breakfast is a constant because well.
    The help can be viewed as breakfast, laundry facilities, outdoor showers, free Wi-Fi, TV, rental selections for both car and scooter. Airport transfers are also an integral part of it. The Residence Lampedusa are big and spacious with outdoor roof with barbeque facilities. You can discover ATM, Pharmacy and Grocery store nearby. A Solarium with swimming pool may be the additions to these room types. You will get all of these on the top deals.
    Double bedrooms are also available, with ceiling fan, options of air-conditioning, family room -kitchen with bathroom. The rooms are all styled depending on Mediterranean theme with greenery all over. You obtain the very best panoramic views with the place.
    Your accommodation has family friendly facilities, infant beds, free parking; youngsters are always welcome to the home. However, pets are not allowed.
    Don't forget to help keep several things handy, whenever you visit the place. Government issued ID cards are needed at check-in. Passport can also satisfy the requirements. Cash transaction inside the property cannot exceed Euro 2999.99. If you contact and inform the home host beforehand, you may get added assistance and free airport transfers.
    Reviews - Appartamenti Lampedusa
    Every customer found owners to become warm and hospitable. You get the most effective services with this place. Cleanliness and upkeep gets special mention here. This is the number 1 place for all types of tourist at great cost.

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