Guide to Orlando
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    We want you to definitely enjoy your holiday and return home obtaining the best experience possible. So here is our guide with some tricks and tips that will get the very best out of the parks.
    Don’t use a weekend! We get on average 25 days holiday with work within the UK, in America they obtain a whopping … 13 ! So believe me when I say that Americans absolutely utilize their weekends. So don’t do the parks on a weekend where you must queue on top of the locals also.


    Aren't getting this mistaken for the parks being empty about the weekdays as they won’t be, Orlando gets 72 million visitors a year plus they are not every sat inside their rooms in hotels twiddling their fingers. But there will be a big difference (specially in the Disney parks) towards the queuing from about an 1.5h with a weekend day of 3h.
    Also avoid happening American bank holidays.

    Use the Disney fast passes. The second you've got received your tickets, place the bar code in to the Disney app and book them instantly. This can be achieved months before you even leave to your holiday. Each of you get three passes, therefore your using granny and granddad too who'll definitely not be going on Space Mountain, use theirs also to get an extra six passes.

    In universal you have to pay for a quick pass ticket which allows you to make use of the pass once on every one of the rides. This is often pricey, just about double the cost of the particular day ticket. Once we go, we all carry on the only rider lines and fly from the whole park in approx 3 hours when we arrive at doors opening.
    It is possible to do both Universal Studios and Universal Island of Adventures right away. Just make sure you hit new theme park Orlando first as that has a tendency to close at 5/6pm-ish while Universal Islands of Adventures closes late into the evening.

    Sea World has a few good roller coasters and every time we go (on a week day) look for it is empty. We usually walk straight to a ride and not queue. Don’t buy fast passes here as it's a waste of money.

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