Best three Most important items For any Facebook Fanpage
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    Facebook pages are a great tool for businesses. They offer opportunities to connect, and interact clients, prospects, and joint venture partners. The key is understanding what you need on your own tăng like fanpage making it all work.



    A protective cover Image that reflects your brand. Your Facebook page is an extension of your brand and must reflect that. Incorporate your branding images and logos, perhaps a highlight of your upcoming event or program launch.

    About Info updated. Add links to your website, blog, products, services as well as other internet sites, these links should drive them back to your website where they are able to are able for more information and eventually 'buy' from you.

    Call to Action Button working. Incorperate your join page for your free gift or lead magnet and add people to your newsletter or eZine list.


    Current content. Maintain the page updated along with your blog articles - this really is one of the most great ways to keep the page wall full of active and useful content. You can use tools like Meet Edgar to auto post new blogs and send a standing update to your LIKES.

    Do not sell constantly! You actually take some sales posts that encourage people to join your lead magnet or new programs and events. But you also need non salesy content in the room. Tips and info to show people. Which will sell the services you receive and merchandise too by sharing the data, circuitously selling.


    Engage your Fans. See your page a minimum of weekly to incorporate new information not found elsewhere. You needn't write an entire novel, ensure that it stays short and have a focus (ie. a tip each week) this will make it quicker to create the happy to add here.

    Check Visitor Posts. See your page regularly to be able to understand how when visitors making comments or asking questions. Respond to them back. This shows your commitment to connecting with all the those who take the time to fan your page. Many companies create their pages with great branding and content; however if you do not make any effort to get in touch and engage the fans you're costing you time and energy with the page.

    Many of these tactics work well if you have a main goal or purpose to your Facebook page that keeps you focused. Quite simply to choose what things to include as content on your own page when you have set goals in position. After which make use of a Marketing Calendar to plan everything out!

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