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    f the stomach and intestines. Externally Moncler Outlet it was used for a gargle for mouth and throat infections. It has also been used to treat wounds and even frostbite.

    Lady's mantleNext we look at the Lady;s Mantle which is often grown in gardens, especially so in cottage gardens. There are many species of lady's mantle, however, the common species Alchemilla vulgaris represents an aggregate of several species, which all exhibit the silky, lobed grey green leaves which are covered in downy hair to dispel water. The yellow green flowers are borne Moncler Outlet in rounded or domed clusters , and each tiny flower has four sepals but no petals.

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    Medicinal uses l The foliage of lady's mantle are palmately lobed and have scalloped toothed margins. They are mainly basal but clasping stem leaves do occur. In the wild they are found in a variety of habitats which include well drained rocky places, meadows, woodland margins, and stream sides at low and high altitudes. They are often Moncler Outlet encountered in unexpected places as garden escapes.

    They are one of the oldest wound herbs. A decoction of the leaves was used to treat sore eyes, sore skin and to staunch bleeding. An infuson of the leaves was said to regulate heavy periods and they have long been utilised to treat women's ailments.

    A bonus is that the young leaves may be eaten in salads. I have used the leaves many times in conjunction with the flowers and leaves of nasturtium and the petals of Calendula to add flavour and colour to boring green salads.

    I think most people will be familiar with the high vitamin C content of rose hips as in rose hip syrup and they can be fermented to make a fine wine. Rose water made from rose petals is a very useful aid moncler coats red sale for kids for shin complexion.

    All in all this diverse family of plants is beneficial to man for both his food and his medicine. it is a family of plants that merit our attention and our admiration.

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