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    So why do we want an extender when we have a router?

    If the main router isn't effective at within the whole part of your property or office then there is a desire to buy and install an extender. Netgear extenders are providing results today. Various Netgear extender models are made to provide a better range coverage throughout the house. Installing the mywifiext is also quite simple through its web interface which is In the event the website will not appear to work you'll be able to utilize the default Ip for a similar purpose.


    Setup with the Netgear extender

    If we discuss the setup you can also find various methods will install the Netgear extender. One of the easiest methods is by pushing the WPS button. Ensure the router even offers the WPS button for that setup to accomplish. Another way is, utilize the url of your website or to setup the extender. Open an online browser, go into the website name mentionened above previously here then hit the enter key. After this, go into the default login details thus hitting the submit button. You're going to get landed for the setup page. Out of this onwards, you are able to follow the instructions and setup the Netgear extender.

    How to find the network name if you are unable to do so?

    Keep to the steps given below.

    -Open the setup wizard to your extender model. A screen displays.
    -Enable the manually input my wireless SSID radio button. Enter in the network name of the extender now. Ensure you position the _EXT at the end of the SSID.
    -Enter the password for the same and click on the Continue button to proceed.
    -Tick on the check box saying make use of the same security settings for your extended network.
    -Verify the extender and click on continue button.
    -Click OK; you will see a window saying you are a measure away from completing the installation.
    -Now, the bond between router and extender continues to be established. Nevertheless the connection between your device and the extender still remains made.
    -Turn on your device; head to network icon shown in the bottom right corner. Locate the network name of the extended network and then click connect.
    -Click on the finish button in order to complete this process.
    Now, your pc is connected to the extended network and your extender is connected to the router. For those who have any issues as the setup process through or while putting the SSID from the above mentioned steps, go ahead and call us.

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