Eid - The Celebration
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    Eid will be the word of Arabic language which means joy celebration and happiness. It's purely a non secular festival for Muslims.Muslims celebrates two eids, around the world in a single year. You are Eid-ul-fitr as well as other is Eid-ul-Azha. Eid -ul-fitr is well known when Ramdan the month of fasting has ended while eid-ul-azha is celebrated at the 10th of Zill Haj following the biggest and sacred holy obligation "the haj".

    No matter which eid it is it is usually the day of happiness and celebration for Muslims around the globe. As Islamic calendar is the lunar calendar, the change with the month depends upon the look of the moon.So moon sighting may be the start of eid day celebration. As eid -ul- azha is widely known the 10th of zill haj so it is pre decided but there's a great excitement for eid- ul- fitr as people are so much conscious whether there will be Thirty days of ramzan or 29.


    Celebration of eid- ul- fitr starts with moon sighting. People always have special plans for the "Chand raat". After Aftari on twenty eight day of ramzan people head to open places to fix their gaze around the western horizon to find the crescent. Cloudy sky may disappoint them however in clear atmosphere they try their level best to understand the moon. After looking at the moon they embrace the other person and exchange eid Mubarik. In the event the moon just isn't visible in almost any area, people remain restless and sit before T.V. and wait for a official announcement. Anyhow, after announcement, whether it is at nighttime people emerge from their homes they visit their dear ones. Youngsters their very own means of celebrating chand raat they sign up for their motor bikes and begin one-wheeling and the whole city begins rattling with the roar of silencer less bikes.

    Chand raat is a large invitation for shopping madness. People rush to bazaars and behave reckless in shopping as a result of intoxicating joy of up-coming Eid. Ladies cross the limit of extravagance and men behave lords by affording. The hustle and bustle of teenybopper girls in bazaars on the Bangle and Mahndi shops and this might be the most cherished moment for boys who usually print Mahndi at gal's hands and forearms. Though chand raat isn't section of holy festival of eid yet it's a a part of trend now and celebrated from the Muslims around the globe. People remain busy till late at night and Markets remain open.

    About the date of eid people wake up early wash properly, wear their special dress for Ramadan pynt and move for the mosques to say eid prayer. After prayer people embrace each other and say eid mubarik. Chances are they keep coming back home and eat something sweet that is one of the celebrations of eid. Meanwhile guests start pouring in. Eid is a superb day for youngsters also they receive their eiddi from elders and visitors. It's a great day for every Muslim but particularly it is a special day for your kids.

    Oahu is the day of merrymaking and celebrations but while doing so, we often ignore the basic spirit with this day. This day is a gift of Allah for Muslims who sacrifice their hunger and thirst to get a mouth fasting teaches us to take care of poor people always as well as on this very day especially.

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