Disc Jockey: Understand the Different Types Of DJs
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    DJ Sonic Seven (formerly known as DJ Sonic) is really a living legend of the Austrian arena of house music. He isn't only a highly creative artist, who’s work is appreciated both internationally as well as in his home country, but is also one of the founding people in the home culture in Vienna. Sonic Seven is one of the most popular electronic music deejays in Austria and has a wide circle of loyal fans. After a lot of years in operation, he was able to keep his affect on the contemporary Viennese house scene.
    Sonic Seven’s dj booking sets will always be spontaneous as well as. He can fully feel his crowd! It is his inspiration and the source of energy. He knows how you can maintain the party going through playing his colorful tech house sets and pushing the clubbers for the limit. DJ booking@sonicseven.com


    A dj is surely an individual who presents, mixes and links recorded music for radio audiences or perhaps a live audience. He makes use of different tricks and methods to entertain his audience, including cueing, slip-cueing, audio mixing, phrasing, phase shifting, cutting, scratching, pitch control, cross fading, effects processing, beat juggling, beat matching, needle drops, sampling and sequencing.

    Dj: 4 Kinds of DJs

    DJs can be classified according to various factors, like the kind of music played, dj equipment, techniques, target audience, events and settings. Four different types of DJs are:

    Mobile DJs

    Mobile DJs usually play from your wide assortment of pre-recorded music for any specific audience at receptions, local parties, banquets, dances, religious ceremonies, local charity events or any other private functions. They travel using their own DJ equipment and movable sound systems. Mobile DJs generally play more mainstream music and take requests from the audience. Apart from playing music some mobile DJs may also use up other responsibilities, including emceeing, event coordination and sound engineering, to help make the event a success.

    Rap DJs

    Rap DJs create music by utilizing DJ mixers and turntables. They often select and play the guitar to back up the emcees, who act as the host of your event or performance.

    Club DJs

    A golf club disc jockey can be a individual who plays music in bars, clubs, dance clubs, raves and discotheques. The strategies and programming styles employed by Club DJs are very not the same as those used by mobile DJs. They usually focus more about beatmixing, beatmatching and controlling the energy level from the crowd. Unlike mobile DJs, who use their very own equipment, club DJs usually use hired equipment.

    Radio DJs

    Radio DJs select and play music that is broadcast from the radio. They be a musician for radio listeners rather than a live audience. Radio DJs enjoy a lot more freedom in selecting the tracks inside the playlist. They often speak with the listeners, solve their queries and take song requests from them. Also, they prepare for interactive shows, run contests and take interviews of notable personalities.

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