Preparing for IVF: How you can Enhance your Chances of Success
  • Preparing for IVF is critical in order to give yourself the best potential for success.

    Science has proven that there is a lot that can be done to enhance the odds. By looking into making some simple change in lifestyle the probability of your cycle ending in success can increase dramatically.

    That will help you prepare, there exists a free checklist of all of the things discussed on this page that you could download below.
    You might be (Probably) Damaging Your Chances
    When you have read our About page you should understand that my partner had leukaemia twice and this caused us to go on the IVF path. There were limited likelihood of expecting therefore we knew that food to eat after embryo transfer in ivf in the right way would be vital.
    Due to this we looked over each part of our everyday life and researched the steps we're able to decide to try get ourselves in the very best shape easy for our treatment.


    Ours is a reasonably dramatic story so it may be understandable that we took this approach. We had, though, assumed other couples going through IVF will be doing something similar.
    I was surprised once we found a scientific study that showed 96% of IVF patients had 3 or more lifestyle issues that could damage their chances. The other 4% had 2 lifestyle issues. We discussed the analysis in more detail within our post 100% of IVF Patients Harm Chances with their Lifestyle.
    Going down the IVF route implies that these women will have been experiencing fertility issues for a while.
    Due to this many would have already taken steps to correct issues they thought may cause problems. In spite of this 96% still had 3 or more lifestyle factors that harmed their chances.
    Clearly, getting ready for IVF is either not at all something most couples do or, if they do make a plan, those steps are not effective.
    Don’t be among them.
    The aim of this informative article is to show you the things you can perform to ready for IVF and increase your chances of success.
    These Secrets of IVF Success
    IVF treatment can feel an intricate process. You’re confronted by a range of medical tests, scans, drugs and operations but succeeding is absolutely quite simple: it boils down to getting 3 things right:
    Increase Egg Quality & Quantity
    Improve Sperm Quality & Quantity
    Optimise Womb Receptivity
    Wherever your fertility issue lies while preparing for IVF you ought to seek to optimise each one of these things. Consider it as the weakest link inside the chain: the chances of you IVF success are just just like the weakest link.
    Fortunately, science has shown that there's a lot we are able to do ourselves to get these things right. We are able to restore control.
    Let’s have a look at some of the steps we are able to take.
    The brain
    One way the brain make a difference IVF success is how we handle stress.
    The IVF journey can be an emotional rollercoaster. There's no escaping it. The endocrine system you will receive can send your feelings haywire. It's stressful enough anyway as well as the drugs often make everything seem worse.
    Stress damages IVF success
    For this reason it's important while preparing for IVF to take steps to keep yourself as calm and balanced as you possibly can. Studies show that stress can negatively impact IVF success so it could be smart to do something to reduce it.
    A few things may help. First, before you begin treatment jot down your ultimate goal. Sure, you would like to possess a baby but be a little more specific and project ahead to the obstacles which could appear as well as how you can overcome them.
    Using this method if you are in the better state of mind you are more prone to make good choices. In the event the obstacles do then crop up you'll currently have a plan in place to deal with them.
    Next, plan stress-reducing activities to maintain you calm as well as in control. With success low anyway the very last thing we wish would be to reduce our chances further.
    Things as diverse as reading, walking and laughing have shown to reduce levels of stress. Pick a lot of things and do them regularly on your treatment.

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