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  • jinjin November 2015
    CDATA99 Reasons I Love Canada Do you have reasons to add to the list

    My family and women's osito jacket pink
    I live in NW Oregon, and it is always a delight to visit Vancouver
    Island. The scuba diving in the clear, chilly waters near Nanaimo is a
    marvelous memory for me. While living on the East Coast, I had the
    pleasure of visiting the Province of Quebec and exploring the
    restaurants, and I thoroughly enjoyed that as well. Most of my french
    skills comes from practising my pronunciation of the french words on my
    box of Cheerios. That and the back north face down jacket black
    of the shampoo bottle. lol.

    I also like 37 Can you really only get coffee crisp in Canada? Mind.
    Blown. 38 I'm not too sure about. Univeristy is crazy expensive, at
    least in Ontario. They're getting a little out of hand with how much
    they charge to get an education. but I will agree, it's a damn good
    education that you get.

    88 I feel we should apologize for. lol.

    Awesome hub. Made me smile. And you are astute to mention about the
    problem with multiculturalism it is nice but it needs limits, too.
    It's the subject of political debates up this way.

    And about destroying nationalism. I agree that this is misguided. It's a
    philosophy that wants to make everyone the same, or generic.

    I so so much appreciate your enthusiasm for Canada and I hope you're
    able to come back. And I want to take some trips down to the States
    again, too. (I've only been three times and they were all short visits.

    I saw a forum this week regarding destroying nationalism. Oh how I
    wanted to leave a note: "This is idiocy." People should be loyal to
    their families and their countries, and we should love our neighbors. We
    don't live in a perfect world, so we each need to be strong and respect
    each other's nations.

    Your 43 would be a good topic to explore in a hub or maybe a forum. As
    Canada's population grows problems will arise from that stance, but that
    doesn't make the stance wrong. The problems will come from those north face jackets red north face down jacket black who do not love and respect the country they migrate to, but want north face down vest black
    to change it and everyone in it to suit their world view. :)

    Can I say, "Viva Canada?" :)Fri, 11 Nov 2011 15:25:07 0800

    Very nice idea prairieprincess. Apart from about 3 hours at Niagra, I've
    never been to Canada, though I've got a couple of Canadian friends here
    in England, and it's certainly a country I'd like to visit in more
    depth. I've heard nothing but good reports from people who have spent
    holidays there. (Couldn't you shrink it a bit though, so a visitor can
    see more of the country in a 2 or 3 week stay!!)

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