Why Use Vapor Degreasing
  • Before, degreasing can quite be a dirty job. Fortunately these days, particularly for industrial parts cleaning, there are plenty of companies that employ barrel polishing. What is the massive difference? Well, compared to traditional degreasing that will require rag, brush, and scouring pad, vapor degreasing can dissolve dirt alone.

    How come a lot of companies nowadays use such cleaning method? It basically has for main advantages. First, it is safe to use in electronic parts. The thing is, traditional degreasers have the tendency to plague electrical parts, causing components to rust. Second, such industrial cleaning technique supplies a deeper amount of degreasing. Most traditional degreasers can provide parts a neat appearance nevertheless they could not penetrate the tiny pores.


    Third, vapor degreasing offers no oxidation or water spots. The use of aqueous and semi-aqueous degreasers will with time result in the metal part to oxidize, then destroying its appearance and durability. Vapor degreaser sidesteps this oxidation process, and can as well evade water spots.

    Lastly, using such product is a great way for maximizing degreaser. In traditional degreasing, degreasers are used by the hand. Therefore lots of degreaser is wasted. Using a vapor one ensures that any amount of degreaser isn't wasted. Additionally it is less expensive in terms of the startup cost over a vacuum greasing off system.

    In terms of industrial cleaner degreaser, also note that there are specific qualities necessary to ensure overall safety and convenience.

    First consideration us there must not be any hazardous air pollutants. Such elements evaporate from toxic cleaners and can endanger both working and the natural environment. Short exposure to such chemical could cause respiratory distress, vertigo, and also stomach sickness. Prolonged exposure however, could cause serious consequences for example infertility, neurological problems, and cancer.

    Vapor degreasers will need to have a higher flash point. Flash point will be the actual temperature at which the degreaser ignites. A flash point above 145 degrees Fahrenheit is fairly significant. Also, quality degreasers contain no volatile organic compound. Such chemical imposes grave threat towards the health of workers.

    Another significant element in vapor degreasers is its biodegradability. Before, it was quite difficult to discover such with promising industrial level cleaning power. However nowadays, biodegradable degreasers that can remove fuel oil, grease, asphalt, or organic resins are plentiful.

    Last but not minimal, any kind of degreasers better contain no chemicals scheduled for EPA regulation. EPA regulations are given before their effective dates, therefore the companies will have time to look into other environmentally preferred alternatives.

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