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    Dr. Ali Hussain Cheap Luca
    Zidane Jersey
     , a respected oil consultant from the Middle East
    views the economy of Iraq and the future of the Iraqi dinar as being dependent
    on its oil sector. Dr. Hussain believes that developing the country’s oil must
    be a priority to achieve economic growth and stability. In a recent speaking
    engagement with The Energy Exchange, Dr. Hussain provided a complete analysis on
    the importance of infrastructure to sustain the country’s oil and gas sector.

    In its official statement, Iraq listed its goal to produce oil at 12 million
    barrels a day by the year 2017. The country’s oil export reached $80bn the
    previous year. By the end of 2012, a $3.4 bpd production is expected.

    Dr. Hussain believes that demand for oil from other countries like China and
    India could generate an increase in Iraq’s oil production. India, according to
    the US Energy Information Administration forecasts, is expected to outpace
    China’s 2.9% annual oil demand growth from 2008 up to 2035 at 3.5% average.

    To support the country’s economy and oil industry Cheap
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     , Dr. Hussain reiterates on the role of
    infrastructure toward the development of Iraq and growth in its oil industry.
    With a steady and strong economy, international investment becomes possible.
    Industrial and agricultural development will also follow. There is also the
    Tourism industry, which can greatly benefit the country with its vast
    archaeological, historical, and religious sites.

    Dr. Hussein also thinks that the country should start the development of its
    own petrochemical capacity to meet the demands for both domestic and export.

    Iraq has three major oil refineries at present – the Baiji, Doura and Basra
    refineries. These refineries can produce an estimated 720 Cheap
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     ,000 barrels a day in total capacity. At this
    time however, only an estimated capacity of 500,000 barrels a day are produced
    from these refineries. To meet the domestic demand, the country has plans of
    building five additional refineries, with an 840 Mbbl total capacity.

    Dr. Hussein also calls on the need to construct another refinery for oil
    product export only. The refinery must have the capacity for 500 million barrels
    the least. Dr. Hussein thinks that if the refinery is situated in Basra, then it
    would serve as the prime location for product export.

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