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    While most racers started racing because their fathers were racers or because
    they were interested in the sport Justin
    Upton Jersey
     , Robby Gordon picked up racing to keep himself out of
    trouble as he cheekily claims. Born on January 2nd in 1969, this Californians
    dream job as a child was to be a race car driver.

    Nicknamed Flash by
    close comrades, Gordon was racing motorbikes at the age of 8 and by the time he
    was 16, he had his hands firmly on the steering wheel. Gordon credits his
    father, Bob Gordon Randy
    Jones Jersey
     , as the most influential person in his life is
    passionate about life. He believes in getting the best out of life and he does
    it with zeal. Because of that philosophy, Gordon has driven possibly nearly
    every type of racing vehicle imaginable.

    The first off-road he entered,
    the Nevada 400, was a victory for the Gordon clan in 1985. In 1987, Bob Gordon
    and Robby Gordon teamed up to win three races in route to capturing the
    championship and Rookie of the Year honor using his own Mickey Thompson car. It
    was when he was in the Baja San Diego Padres
     , Mexico that he was approached by Ford Racing executives
    during which he was already running off five off-road championships
    back-to-back. Still a teenager then, he was brought along to meet the bigwigs of
    racing like Jack Roush.

    While Gordon claims that the craziest vehicle he
    has ever raced was a Wells Coyote that weighed 900lbs with 1200hp at Pikes Peak,
    he moved into sports cars in 1990 and won five GTO races in 1991. His enormous
    talent would then lead him to driving for a great many important and famed
    owners like Richard Childress, Foyt, Walker in the list. He would race in Indy
    cars San Diego Padres Hats ,
    NASCAR, off-road trucks and sports cars. It was an honor for Gordon when he was
    driving for Foyt in 1993 as AJ Foyt is his racing hero. The same year, Gordon
    drove for Roberts Yates Racing in the Diehard 500 at Talladega Superspeedway.
    Although he started at the 14th position, he was soon in the top five before he
    got into an accident that caused him to come in at the 42nd position. In 1994 to
    1996, Gordon raced for Derrick Walker. He managed to pull in two career wins
    during that period of time. During the years 1998 to 1999 San
    Diego Padres Hoodie
     , he fielded his own team and raced 10 times in
    the Indy 500. While his open-wheel years, he was highly regarded as a tough
    racer and when he left the open wheel, he cited safety concerns as a reason.

    In 2001, Gordon announced publicly that he would be donating the money
    he receives from racing to the victims of the 911 attacks. He went on to excite
    the crowd at the Race of Champions in Spain and replaced Mike Skinner in the #31
    Lowes Chevrolet for the remainder of the season when Skinner had to be wheeled
    in for a knee surgery. Gordon would go on to achieve plenty career highlights
    which also include staring his own NASCAR Busch Team that completed 25 events in
    2005, getting his second career (first road-course) NASCAR win at Sonoma when he
    beat Jeff Gordon in the final lap and he also became the first American to win a
    stage in the Dakar Rally (a 16-day 5 Customized San Diego Padres
     ,700-mile race from Barcelona, Spain to Dakar, Senegal). He
    enjoyed the experience so much that he planned to return to Dakar on his own.

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