Ceinture Hermes Pas Cher 国际英语新闻:Arab FMs discuss final agen hermes bracel
  • whinsgozzwhinsgozz October 2013

    TRIPOLI, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- Arab foreign ministers on Thursday night discussed in the Libyan city Sirte the final agenda of the extraordinary Arab League (AL) summit which will kick off on Saturday in Sirte.

    Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa hosted the discussion session and Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi attended the meeting, an AL media official told Xinhua.

    The Arab foreign ministers reviewed the final documents, which will be presented to the extraordinary summit, focusing on the restructuring of the 22-nation pan-Arab body and Ceinture Hermes Pas Cher AL Secretary General Amr Moussa's proposal on boosting Arab neighborhood bonds.

    The Arab and African top diplomats will hold the preparatory meetings on Friday morning for the second Afro-Arab summit to be held on Sunday. The ministers will discuss the final documents in the cooperation summit, including hermes bracelet the strategic framework agreement on Arab-Africa cooperation, the five-year cooperation plan and Sirte Declaration which express Arab and African leaders' stance on the regional and international issues with mutual concerns and interests.

    Gaddafi has met with Moussa and discussed the upcoming summits, the official said.

    The Arab foreign ministers will also hold a meeting at the AL peace initiative follow-up committee in Sirte Friday evening, which has been delayed for twice to discuss the U.S.-backed Palestinian-Israeli direct talks which restarted on Sept. 2 in Washington.

    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to convey the Palestinian leadership's decision over sac birkin hermes the talks to Arab ministers on Friday.

    The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and major Palestinian political faction Fatah Party, both led by Abbas, decided on Oct. 2 to suspend the direct peace talks with Israel until the Israeli government freezes settlement construction in the Palestinian territories.

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