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  • whinsgozzwhinsgozz October 2013

    UNITED NATIONS, June 7 (Xinhua) -- The UN Security Council on Monday afternoon began consultations over a draft resolution proposing further sanctions against Iran.

    The U.S.-sponsored draft resolution, which has already had the backing of all veto-wielding nations of the UN Security Council, was circulated to the full 15-nation body louboutin bottes a few bottines louboutin weeks ago.

    A U.S. State Department spokesman said Monday that the United States would submit the draft to the council this week.

    The draft resolution would both build on existing UN sanctions on Iran and expand the breadth and reach of UN sanctions on louboutin noir Iran by creating new categories of sanctions.

    If adopted, Iran would be subjected to a fourth round of UN sanctions for continuing to enrich uranium, which the West believes to be intended for weaponization, but Tehran insists is for peaceful purposes.

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